Red Hen Restaurant That Ousted Press Sec. Sanders Gets Hacked


The Virginia restaurant whose manager rudely booted White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders from its premises Friday evening for political reasons appears to have had its website hacked, likely in retaliation for Sanders’ mistreatment.

Searching the Red Hen website brought up obscene results according to some users, while others were taken to a site written in Chinese.

The website has since been taken down for reconstruction.

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  1. Well what did Mrs. Waters say follow them, harass them, follow them home, etc. etc. so what is good for the goose is good for the gander. But it should not be that way how you think and who you are should not interfere. If I would have been the restaurant person I would have been flattered someone one that important used my restaurant and I may have added something to their meal for free so they can tell others about our excellent service. But Hate is Hate and it blinds everything, until like this restaurant they cut their own throats.

  2. I have a great idea. Maybe open a store with Trump flags and call it Stand with President Trump. Maybe a coffee donut shop. Then put up a sign of one dollar off for Trump supporters only wearing red make America great hats. Get tons of publicity. Put cameras up in case of action. Also open it near a police station.

  3. Oddly, the food is still not kosher. I wont worry my diet.

    Sad year for those who hate our flag. She was a constitutional right to be served. Our nation must have humane decency. We vote at the polls. Not with our mouth.

    Yet again the rule is still viral in the USA. Willing to watch more but its scary. Hashem is real.

  4. When will the Left and Democrats get it through their thick skulls that the more you attack this President, and his administration, the more it works in his favour and garners him support! While I am a Canadian and I have no skin in the game, it seems to me that Trump may well win another term the way things are going for him.


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