Record Number of Jews Blatantly Violate Psak Halacha and Ascend Har Habayis on Tisha B’Av


Between 1,000 and 1,400 Jews ascended Har Habayis Tuesday during the fast of Tisha B’Av, to commemorate the destruction of the Jewish temples that once existed at the holy site.

Jewish visitors were obligated go through metal detectors and to leave their ID cards with police before ascending through the Mughrabi Gate—the only gate to the holy site that non-Muslims are permitted to enter.

At least two Jews were arrested on the holy mountain after they began to pray, blatantly breaking the laws set up to keep Arab-Jewish tensions at bay. In one video, a young man is seen flinging himself on to the floor and shouting “Shema Yisrael” before being hauled off by authorities.




  1. There are Rebbeim/Poskim that allow ascending to specific areas on har habayit, so not necessary to state the Halacha each time an article is posted.

  2. So much confusion in this world. People think it’s the right thing. People think it’s the wrong thing. Hashem please remove the darkness and the fogginess that is all around. How much longer?

  3. I’m sorry, but your headline is symptomatic of why we are still fasting on tisha b’Av.

    While there is agree that people I consider Gedolim and have given their opinions have universally prohibited going onto the Har HaBayis, there are Rabbonim who are universally considered frum who have permitted it. Before we start deciding whose psak is dispositive, we really need a Sanhedrin.

    This is an illustration of how the Netziv explained sin’as chinum, which seems to contradict the fact that they were osek betorah. But they felt it wasn’t sin’as chinum. We are justified in hating them because they are resho’im. And why are they resho’im? Because they don’t follow the psak I follow.

    And yes, if anyone asked me, I would posken that [under most circumstances] it would be assur.

  4. “Blatantly Violate Psak Halacha”

    The psak halacha of YOUR Rabbi – not theirs

    This is not the time to cast disparaging remarks.

    Many Daati Leumi Rabbonim matir aliya lehar habayis.

  5. אגרות משה אורח חיים ח”ב סימן קיג ד”ה ומה שתירצת

    ומה שתירצת מה שהקשה בספר אומר השכחה מה שבטור וש”ע לא הוזכר הדין דאסור לרקוק בזה”ז בהר הבית, משום שלא יצוייר למעשה דאסור ליכנס טמאי מתים לשם וכולנו טמאי מתים, הנה הא יש מקום בהר הבית שמותרין טמאי מתים ליכנס לשם אף מדרבנן שהוא עד החיל שהיה לפנים מהסורג. ולמה דאיתא ברמב”ם פ”ה מביה”ב ה”ג שהסורג היה מקיף סביב אפשר גם החיל היה סביב ובתי”ט מדות פ”ב מ”ג מפורש כן בשם הראבי”ה, הרי מותר מכל צד אף במערבי ליכנס טמאי מתים עד הסורג שהיה רוחב איזה אמות, ולא מצאתי השיעור, ולפי’ הרא”ש במדות שם שהסורג היה רק לצד המזרח מצפון לדרום אפשר גם החיל היה רק שם, וא”כ אפשר שבצדדים האחרים אחר העשר אמות של החיל אחורי העזרת נשים וכן מצד מערב היה מותר לטמאי מתים. ומשאר טומאות הא אפשר לטבול, ואם יחוש לזיבה יספור שבעה נקיים ויטבול במים חיים ויעריב שמשו, ואף שהוא מחו”כ =מחוסר כפרה= הא מותר מחו”כ אף בעזרת נשים וכ”ש בשאר הר הבית כדאיתא ברמב”ם פ”ג מביה”מ ה”ה. ונמצא שנוגע הדין שאסור לרקוק באותו המקום מהר הבית שמותרין טמאי מתים ליכנס ומקשה שפיר. ואולי אינו ברור כ”כ איזה כותל היא אם היה קבלה ברורה שהוא כותל מערבי של הר הבית או כותל העזרה שאחורי בית הכפורת שלכן אסור לשם טמאי מתים כתירוצך וגם אפשר שהוא כותל התא שאף להרא”ש אסור. וכמדומני שבס’ שאילת דוד להגאון ר”ד מקרלין מסתפק בהכותל איזה הוא. ואולי זהו טעם הגאון רי”ז מבריסק זצ”ל שאמרו עליו שלא הלך אל כותל המערבי מחשש טומאה. אבל אני תמה כי מקום שמתפללין שם הוא ודאי קבלה מדורות רבותינו הראשונים שמותר לילך לשם ואיך שייך לחלוק עליהם

  6. we know the size of the makom hamikdash and the size of the artificial plateau herod built. based on that various poskim allow entry to parts of what herod built.

  7. “Blatantly Violate Psak Halacha and Ascend Har Habayis” – can’t figure out what’s worse: am horartsus or desire to judge other Jews. Were you out cutting school on the day your cheder rebbi was teaching about Beis Hamikdosh?! What possible isur is there if you go up Har Habais, but not into azora?! If you meant to imply that some Jews went into Azora while in the state of tuma, or, worse, into Kodesh Hakedoshim – say it directly, without creating your own halachos.

    • There is an issur to go on har habayis if one is tamei b’tuma hayotzei migufo and that is beside the issus most gedolim imposed after the six day war to prevent people going to far as at least according to some Rishonim there is no way to know exactly where the chail starts and tamei meis is assur inside the cheil. Just be careful calling others am haratzim when you don’t have the halacha clear.

      • There is no isur of entering the entire Har Habais betuma – there are different levels starting with cheil and progressing further to azora and kodesh hakedoshim. Saying that there is an issur to enter Har Habais – implies the entire har and not certain parts – and that is completely wrong and is either am horatzus or a deliberate perversion of halacha – halomeid batorah shelo kahalacha…ein lo chelek leolom habo, chas vesholom. Regarding tuma, the only contemporary tuma that is a real issue is tumas meis, as others are relatively easily remedied with a proper use of mikva. As a side point, certain korbonos are required to be brought betumas meis under certain conditions – and some rishonim would permit mizbeach without heichal – which means we could fulfill chiyuvei deoraisa of temidim and pesachim, brought betumas meis, by building just a mizbeach – right now, even before bias hamoshiach, according to certain explanations of some rishonim. Going back to Har Habais, if you have a sofeik where cheil starts, may be other Jews do have a messora of where one can go. Even if they also have a sofeik and still go up – what right do you have to call them blatant violators out of sofeik: now you are a sofeik self-righteous rasha as much as they are sofeik blatant violators.

  8. Already many DLs are asking why fast on 9 Av if “Geula is already in process.”
    Who, throughout the ages, ever dreamed that there could be a concept of Geula without Moshiach and teshuvah?
    This is called “forcing the end” and “rebelling against the nations” for which the punishment is that Hashem is, chalilah, mafkir our flesh. We already saw it once 70 years ago – do we really need to learn the lesson again?
    What do these misguided people think they are achieving?
    Yes, we should protest, if only to reassert to ourselves that this is not the Torah way.

  9. What a disgusting and malicious headline, posted on Tisha b’AV, no less!

    “Violating Psak Halacha”?

    Are these Jews not allowed to follow the Rabbonim who have ruled differently, among them, Rav Meir Mazuz of Bnei Brak (who is often quoted on Matzav!), Rav Yakov Meidan Of Har Etzion, and Rav Dov Lior of Chevron?

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