Record 74 newborns Delivered in 48 Hours at Maimonides


newbornFirst report: A record 74 newborns were delivered in 48 hours at Maimonides Medical Center in Boro Park, Brooklyn. Maimonides called in staff reinforcements and opened an extra wing after the 60-bed birthing suite was filled to capacity during a surprise baby surge last week. Hospital spokeswoman Eileen Tynion says that veteran staff often swap stories about spikes in baby births, but couldn’t recall such a tyke-storm as the one that began last Tuesday. She says once or twice a year about 65 babies are born over 48 hours.The usual tempo for the hospital is about 20 bundles of joy a day.

Tynion says the closures of two Brooklyn hospitals might have helped stoke the surge.

She says there were no complaints from mothers.

{Brooklyn Paper/Elisha Newscenter}


  1. Why don’t you report about all the abortions that Maimonides Medical Center performs R”L ?!!!
    What double standard cover up !!!
    Shame on Maimonides!
    They are supposed to be a “FRUM” Hospital?!

  2. I can tell you that every word in the artical is true up to the last line.
    Mothers are complaining but to the wrong people. They are complaing to thier friends and family but not to the hospital administration. They are saying that the units are under staffed and they need to wait very long for service and eaven for meals.
    The Hospital has a policy like most places that if you don’t put it in writing with a date and time it is like you never said it, there is no record of it. Not only on the baby floor, thats in any area of the hospital.
    Another fact what people don’t know: Mimo has one of the most busiest Emergency departments in the whole city, Yes I wrote City, Becuase in Manhatan you have a few hospitals along the strech of first avenue, but in Brooklyn Mimo is smack in the middle of over populated from all four sides. Most Jewish people from Boro Park look at it like we have our own hospital in Boro Park, but its not like that, people come from all four sides from deep in to Flatbush up to deep in Sunset park and Bensenhurst, etc… Yes there are a few other hospitals but for some reason belive it or not they say they want to come to the Jewish hospital where its clean and have good Doctors.

  3. I hope all these mothers and babies are getting the proper care, and not feeling like they are in a factory. They must be cared for with kindess and compassion. They should not feel like they are being thrown out. Mazel Tov to all. Have much nachas.


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