Rebbetzin Grossman: The Charges Are Lies


meah-shearimArutz Shevah reports: A neighbor of the Yerushalayim woman accused of withholding food from her child has denounced the media attacks against “such a dedicated mother.” In an interview with Kol Yisroel radio, Rebbetzin Yocheved Grossman said that the child’s low weight is due to his suffering from cancer for several years and subsequent chemotherapy treatment. She also claimed that it is untrue that the mother is suffering from mental illness.

“She doesn’t have any syndrome, they are lies. She’s absolutely normal. She has successfully raised four children. Why should an expectant mother be sent to prison instead of being allowed to feed her son?” Rebbetzin Grossman added.

In addition, she asked why the mother was jailed instead of being sent to a psychiatric hospital if she really is suffering from mental illness.

Hospital officials claim that a hidden hospital camera caught the mother removing a feeding tube from the child. The woman was subsequently arrested for child abuse. Rebbetzin Grossman said that it is more likely that the tube fell out of the weak child’s mouth.

Hadassah Medical Center subsequently responded to Rebbetzin Grossman’s account, and stated that the child has never received chemotherapy nor has been treated for a malignant growth.

{Arutz Shevah/ Newscenter}


  1. “Rebbetzin Grossman said that it is more likely that the tube fell out of the weak child’s mouth.”

    Show the video! It should be clear if it fell out or was removed.

  2. Here we have a simple issue: is Rebbetzin Grossman telling the truth, or is she an out-and-out liar?

    I suspect that when the case comes to trial and the child’s medical records are brought into evidence, we will be able to label Rebbetzin Grossman one of two things.

    Either she a genuine Jewish heroine, or a shakranis mechaleles shem Shamayim.

    I hope it is the former. I eagerly await developments.

  3. I suspect that eventually, not only will this woman be exonerated from her supposed crimes, but that heads will roll in a big way for a mammoth botching of an ill child’s medical management.

    This frame-up is a last ditch effort to keep the mother quiet, but I have a feeling that eventually, the truth revealed will be ugly indeed, and have significant ramifications for the medical personnel involved.


  5. Slowly but surely people will realize it is impossible to tolerate the crazies who act like animals. If they really believe that the hospital staff and social workers are all lying about what they claim to have on tape, it should be easier to prove by demanding to see the tape than by rioting and attacking municipal workers. How does throwing rocks at municipal workers and social workers demonstrate that the child is underweight due to chemo??

    Furthermore, if the child is being treated for cancer, surely someone has records of the meds being given– or did the evil hospital workers sneak into their home and steal all of their receipts and paperwork–not to mention remains of the containers from the meds??

  6. I think it much more likely that the mother fabricated the cancer story for public consumption, and has been covering the lie by causing harm to her child. This is typical for Munchhausen’s by proxy.

    I think Rebbetzin Grossman and many other under-educated (i.e. gullible) chareidim have taken the bait – hook, line and sinker. I can understand why her friends and family want to believe her, but the cancer story stinks like rotten fish.

  7. To Pediatr,

    As a professional who likely has much more familiarity with Munchhausen by proxy than a pediatrician, I can tell you that it is the hospital’s story that smells like rotten fish, and it is only those unfamiliar with this mental illness that get excited over the story and glibly toss about terms and stories that are so ridiculous in nature. The hospital story does NOT fit the profile for the illness, and it has been swallowed hook line and sinker by gullible individuals such as yourself.

    The powerful buddy system there is frightening, and this will not be the first cover up for medical errors and negligence.

    Astounding how people will allow themselves to be duped.

  8. Talk abour gullibility
    As you are so certain based on your medical credentials, you wouldn’t have any reason to withold your name and e-mail address. This would be of great comfort to the community to finally have a professional who distressed men women and children who are struggling to deal with this current crisis,can contact you.

    I would suggest that this is the least that a medical practioner who has taken a hypoctratic oath could offer.

  9. I find this very sorrowful. I don’t know the Rebbitzin and I beleive her to be sincere. However, I believe that she may be out of her depth. She and the un-named neighbours are making very broad statements with regard to phychiatry, mental illnesses and politics without much knowledge in this area (I don’t recall the Rebbitzin being addressed as Dr. as well)

    Reb Moshe Feinstein, the Chazon Ish and Reb Shlomo Zalmen Aurbach ALL conferred with medical experts before making a P’Sak on medical matters and here we have members of the general populace making very ‘educated’ analysis of a very complex medical condition.

    Munchausens (and Munchausens by-proxy) are some the most complicated illnesses to diagnose for Doctors and here we have Rebbitzins, Bochurim, Kollel Yungerlite, anonymous bloggers who say they are doctors and Bala Bustas doing it

  10. She doesn’t have any syndrome, they are lies. She’s absolutely normal.

    The rebbitzin just stated the first premise of a patient with Munchausens (and/ or by proxy)

    They seem as normal as you or me. They work hard at it, covering their tracks. I don’t say this in an ‘evil’ sense, but rather in an unbalanced mental state.

  11. To Talk about gullibility,

    I don’t know what kind of professional you are (accountant, lawyer, publicity manager, pop psychologist, whatever), but claiming “familiarity” does not make one an expert. It is very hard to hide facts in a hospital because of the scores of witnesses and the profuse documentation required for all aspects of care.

    Mrs. Grossman, the Toldos Aharoners and you will be pretty embarrassed to have supported a mentally-ill child abuser, over a helpless child.

    The mother will be free on bail very soon, the facts will become public, and irreparable damage will have been done to frum people worldwide because of this inexcusable rioting. The mishigos and the rioting have already been reported in the international news.

    If the mother is innocent, let her cooperate with the police, and let’s see her evidence that the child was treated with chemo for “cancer”.

    BTW, there is an eyewitness (another mother in the same hospital room) to this mother’s abuse, in addition to the videos. Make what ever vapid response you want, but … you’ll see…just wait…

    And in the meantime Mr. Expert, you may want to get your facts straight by doing a PubMed search on MBP, and actually reading the full journal articles.

  12. How is kovod shamayim advanced by burning trash cans, destroying traffic lights and calling Jewish social workers and police “Nazis”?
    It is a shame that some Jews are so willing to defend behavior that is indefensible. Do you really believe there is no child abuse, spouse abuse, illicit behavior, munchausen’s by proxy,etc. in the chareidi community. When the father killed his child a few years ago, he was also called a tzadik. Get over it, some of these people are sick and need mental help. They are not all saints.


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