Rebbetzin Grossman, Chareidi Women Push for Segregated Bus Lines


eggedA group of chareidi women has recently launched a campaign supporting gender separation on public buses, in response to claims that segregation was being forced on chareidi women by rabbonim. The lobby’s founder, Rebetzen Yocheved Grossman of Meah Shearim explains that the initiative enjoyed the support of the wives of senior rabbonim from all the chareidi circles.

 “The other side makes it sound like we haven’t been asked about it… women are the daughters of kings! We have a say as well!” she stated.

Rebbetzin Grossman stressed that “we are not feminists who want to make a fuss, but when people speak on our behalf this is just too much…. I represent tens of thousands of women who ride the bus everyday and want separate lines. To say that chareidi women should be felt sorry for is to distort the truth.”

 According to Rebbetzin Grossman, the lobby included dozens of women from Israel and the world, not all of them chareidi.

“Why is it that in Monsey, in the United States, a Jewish woman can go on the bus separately and non-Jews respect her wishes as a customer? Why are women in London allowed to get on the bus through the back door, not out of religious considerations but simply because it’s jam packed? Why do women agree to wear a white robe in the Vatican, but make a big deal about it in Israel?
“Why can’t you respect the chareidi person, who is essentially your brother? A smoker would no light a cigarette if he thinks this would disturb the people around him, so why not be considerate on this issue?” she asked.

Rebbetzin Grossman argued that it was the Egged bus company’s interest to try and fulfill its customers’ wishes. “Why should I have to get squeezed between two men… while the halacha forbids this?”

{Yair Israel/Ynet}


  1. “Why is it that in Monsey, in the United States, a Jewish woman can go on the bus separately and non-Jews respect her wishes as a customer?”

    WHICH segregated buses are these that have Jews and NonJews together? Please be aware that there are hundreds of charedei rebbetzins that are not protesting rather going to the kosel at night or by sherut,etc. Protest for MORE EGGED BUSES that will solve the problem.

  2. Only your opinion as to how to solve the issue. Those that live there are just as equippped as you. Remember, the objections to the accomodation to the Chareidim is more on the emotional stand as this women feel relegated to some lower life form vs the practical needs of the Chareidim…..Maybe some people ought to grow up


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