Rebbetzin Basya Brus a”h


candle-small5It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rebbetzin Basya Brus a”h, wife of Rav Shaul Brus zt”l, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Bais Hatalmud in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. The Rebbetzin was 77 years old.

Rebbetzin Brus was a daughter of Reb Eliezer and Gitel Weinbrand, growing up in Russia and spending the years of World War II in Siberia.

Following immigration to New York, she married Rav Eliezer Rabinowitz zt”l, R”M in Yeshiva Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin, who passed away at the young age of 31, leaving behind Rebbetzin Brus and their two children.

In the early 1960s, the Rebbetzin married Rav Brus, who was a widower as well.

The Rebbetzin was an equal partner in her husband’s decades of harbotzas haTorah and together with him raised a family of renowned marbitzei Torah and talmidei chachomim.

Rebbetzin Brus spent four decades in the field of chinuch habanos, teaching generations of bnos Yisroel at Bais Yaakov of Boro Park.

Rav Brus was niftar on June 9, 2008, the second day of Shavuos.

Rebbetzin Brus is survived by her children, Rabbi Pinchos Rabinowitz, Rabbi Aharon Rabinowitz, Mrs. Faigy Altusky, Rabbi Peretz Brus, Mrs. Chani Kamenetzky, Rabbi Refoel Brus and Mrs. Gitty Kotler, as well as many grandchildren and great-grandchildren following in her ways.

A brief levaya was held yesterday afternoon at JFK Airport in New York. Kevurah is scheduled to take place today on Har Hazeisim in Yerushalayim.

The family will be sitting shivah at 1350 52nd Street in Boro Park.

Yehi zichrah boruch.

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