Rebbe of Sanz Released From Hospital Following Surgery


The Sanzer Rebbe was released from the hospital this week.

The Rebbe had been at Laniado medical center in Netanya where he underwent surgery on his leg after falling off a ladder in his home. The Rebbe had climbed the ladder in his seforim room in order to reach for a sefer in middle of learning.

After being urgently evacuated to to the nearby hospital, the Rebbe was diagnosed with a broken leg that required a surgical fix.

The Rebbe emerged from the hospital in a wheelchair, and quickly made his way to a bris where R Chaim Kanievsky Shlit’a served as Sandek.

The Rebbe will be confined to a wheelchair while he recuperates in his house and will not be recieving his chassidim for the next few days.



  1. The photo you display at the top of this report is the one of his brother the Klausenburger Rebbe of Union City.

    • ***** CORRECTION *******
      The one of America is not the Rebbe in Union City, just in Boro Park and the is a different Rebbe in Union City

  2. This picture is not of the klausenberger rebbe of Netanya. It’s of the rebbes brother the tsanz klausenberger rebbe who lives in the USA.

  3. wrong picture. the picture is of the Kloizenburger Rebbe of Brooklyn, while your story is of his brother from Natanya…


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