Reb Yossi Pressburger z”l


candle-small3[Levaya info below.] It is with great sadness that we report the sudden passing of Reb Yossi (Yosef Eliezer) Pressburger z”l this afternoon. Reb Yossi, a senior executive at Kedem Wines, was in Detroit on business when he suffered a sudden heart attack and subsequently passed away. Reb Yossi just celebrated his 48th birthday several days ago.

Reb Yossi, who resided in Flatbush, Brooklyn, headed a beautiful mishpacha together with his devoted wife. He was the gabbai at Agudas Yisroel Snif Zichron Shmuel in Flatbush, which is led by its rov, Rav Eliezer Ginsberg, and engaged in many acts of chessed and tzorchei tzibbur. Most recently, he was involved in assisting Bonei Olam, Lev L’achim, and other organizations.

A dear friend to so many people, Reb Yossi, a son of hechaver Reb Mordechai Pressburger, was an ish hamaaseh, a doer, who constantly sought to accomplish on behalf of the community and yechidim. He possessed immense yiras Shomayim and chashivus for Torah and lomdei Torah, and was a ben aliyah who instilled in his family the pure Yekkishe mesorah with which he himself was raised. His middos tovos and sensitivity to all were reflective of his refined personality and special nature. His sudden passing, in the prime of his life, leaves his family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances in shock and a state of tremendous sadness.

Reb Yossi is survived by his wife, Mrs. Shulamis Pressburger, his seven children, including Rabbi and Mrs. Donn of Lakewood, and grandchildren.

Levaya details have not been arranged at this time. Askanim are working to transport the niftar from Detroit to Brooklyn for the levaya and kevurah.

May we know of no further tzaar.

Yehi zichro boruch.

Update: The Levaya will take place tomorrow morning, Thursday, January 13, at 10 a.m., at Midwood Chapels (Coney Island Avenue and Avenue M).

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  1. BDE! Shrecklach! He was our Gabbai Neeman for so long and a Baal Chesed par excellance! He always had such sensitivity & understanding towards everyone! First Reb Aaron and now Reb Yossi! Hashem Yerachem!

  2. Boruch dayan emes

    What a shock. I am stunned. What a loss. What a tragedy.

    May hashem give his family the strength to deal with this tzarah.

  3. oyoy oy he was an amzing person who did sooooo much chessed with everyone i grew up with him and hell always have a place in my heart may we be zoche to hav the geoolah yeshoa bemihara viyamenu


  5. Just 48 years ago a diamond was given to Hachover Mordechai Pressburger zatzal and his Novei Bayis. At the bris they named him Yosef Eliezer, now known to many as just plain Yossi. But let me tell you, he was no ordinary fellow! He was indeed a Yosef Hatzadik as he knew exactly who to give an Aliyah on Shabbos, even if there were a few yahrzeits and a simcha taking place on the same week. Yossi was the Gabbai Rishon of Agudath Yisroel Snif Zichron Shmuel and was re-elected year in and year out.Yossi knew to whom to give the Sifrei Torahs on Simchas Torah and the system he did it with was just remarkable.
    His second name Eliezer which fits him well as he was the kindest and calmest person I know. He always stood for Kovod Hatorah. He was the person who would do absolutely anything for another person. He went out of his way so many times. He was involved daily in Chesed Shel Emes. He was involved with people that were less fortunate and found themselves down under. He was a true clear blue diamond and was always polishing it with all the Mitzvohs and Maasim Tovim that he was doing in his whole lifetime.He did what his father has taught him well, as his father was the Gabbai in his shul in Washington Heights. There is so much more to write about him and what he has accomplished in his lifetime of 48 years + 3 days . We will miss Yossi very much and may he be a Maylitz Yosher on his immediate family as well as his extended family and friends.

  6. Boruch dayen emmes. This is a terrible tragedy. He was a tremendous ba’al chessed & yiras Hashem. May we know of no more tzaar. And may Hashem give strength to the family.

  7. I was in total shock when I heard this news. It is an Tragedy of Epic proportions to the Shul and anyone that knew him.

    Yossi was such a doer. Now we have to do for him. Do a mitzva for his heliger Neshama. Say a perek of Tehillim, give tzedakah, learn a mishna, do something!!! Im in tears… but Yossi wouldnt want us to become depressed. He was so upbeat, he was a doer

  8. Yossi Pressburger always had a smile on his face, a kind word to say, a helpful hand. He will be sorely missed by all. May his memory be blessed, may his family have strength to carry on. Baruch Dayan Emes.

  9. The latest information is that the Levaya will take place at Midwood Chapels on the corner of Avenue M and Coney Island Ave in Brooklyn,NY at 10:00 AM Thursday morning as Misaskim is working diligently to pick up the Niftar from Detroit,MI. We are still hoping that the levaya may take place today but that is all depending on the weather and traveling conditions. I will update the site with more information as soon as it is available. The kevura will take place in Paramus,NJ at Cedar Park Cemetery where Rabbi Breslauer of Kehilath Yaakov has karka and where both Yossi’s parents are buried.

  10. Reb Yossi was such an amazing human being. The greatest father, husband, and friend anyone can ask for. May his family be consoled amongst all the mourners of yerushalayim…

  11. There will be a conference call hookup at the levaya for all those that are not able to make it to the actual levaya. The number to call is
    410/694-1602 and then enter pin 1019#. After bing connected , please press 6 for muting your phone so that noone else is disturbed with any voices coming through the conference phone calls. The family will be sitting shiva after the Kevura at their home 1417 E 13th Street between Avenues O & N .
    Besuros Tovos

  12. please note the corrected [area code] number for the conferencing at the levaya is
    401/694-1602 pin # 1019# and then after connecting press 6 for muting your phone
    The family will be davening Shacharis @ 7:30 AM,Mincha @ 1:30 PM,Maariv @ 8:30 PM. Besuros Tovos

  13. I am sitting here crying for the loss of such a nice man. Yossi was a mentor for my husband and I who were studying with him through Partners in Torah. I received the phone call last night and I am in a complete state of shock. We were waiting for his phone call to study with him. We were blessed to have met Yossi and his family and are completely saddened by his passing.

  14. BDE he gave to every mosed hatorah he loved it & lived it. Wow wow wow what a loss. May his wife & the entire have koach to overcome this awesome Loss

  15. bde – how sad.
    but, let’s not forget, Hashem has his cheshboinos and we usually can’t figure them out.
    one of the things that we can do is make a cheshbon hanefesh.
    life is short.
    sometimes even only 48 years, sometimes shorter.
    let’s chop arein.
    smile to a stranger, it doesn’t cost you a dime.
    say moidim w/ kavono on pirush hamilim.
    let’s d this liluy nishmas yoisef ben mordechai.

  16. What a prince, people got chizuk from Him in every corner of the world, he will be missed by all of us. He would want us to stay strong !
    Rosh ve rishon to every dvar kedusha. A man of principle. Klal Yisroel lost a gem. Those who spent anytime with him had a zchus
    He should be a meilitz yosher for his special family

  17. As gabbai, he was in charge of alios. Unknown to him, I was visiting my son on a specific Shabbos, when, due to his own cheshbon, my son received an aliyah. My son cannot forget the joy on his face when he was told, ” My mother is daavening upstairs,” and he realized that he had been the shaliach to give happiness to a recent almonah. In so many ways, he was truly a person who was happy at the happiness of others. Yehi zichro boruch.

  18. We need to say Baruch Dayan HaEmes to his three sisters who live in Baltimore Mrs. Rebecca Ottensosser, Mrs. Dina Steinharter ,and Mrs. Chani Steinharter ,who like their brother give so much to the Baltimore community -may they be consoled among the mourners of Tzion and Yerushalyim !

  19. Oyyy noo baruch dayan haemet…. i cant belive it this is so heart breaking! He was the nicest person i knew. such a baal chesed..Im in tears This is a terrible

  20. My parents lived in the same building in Washington Heights as young Joseph and his family. My mother was a first cousin to his wonderful Father Martin who delivered my own fathers’ eulogy. Joseph was a “chip off the old block.”
    He and his wife and sisters continued to stay in touch and visit when in the old neighborhood. Much appreciated, much missed and gone too soon.

    MB and JI

  21. When I was home from Eretz Yisroel during Bein Hazmanim, Yossi who is a close friend of my family used to call me up just to talk and drive me around to shmuz. He was asking “How I am learning” and was always concerned for me.He even called me Israel a few times just to give me Chizuk and he used to call my father afterwards and say “I just spoke to Mordy and he is learnign very well Boruch Hashem. He knew that by talking to me it lifted me up and I will never forget him. He acted like a second father to me and many others just like me. Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Aveiley Zion Yerushalyim


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