Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz Donates $1 Million for Hurricane Sandy Relief


shlomo-yehudah-rechnitzLiving up to his magnanimous manner, and in yet another gesture of generosity to help Klal Yisrael in its time of need, Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz of Los Angeles has funded through Torah Umesorah a one million dollar grant to schools and families adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The grant will help improve the situation for so many families and Mosdos Chinuch who have been enduring unimaginable hardship and personal loss due to extensive damage suffered during the hurricane. “Obviously, even an amount of one million can only go so far,” noted Rabbi Dovid Nojowitz, National Director of Torah Umesorah, but he hopes that “this will spur on others to realize the dire need, dig deeper and bring about the necessary funds for a complete recovery from this catastrophic storm.”

The damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in just a mere few hours was shocking, and by now, all of Klal Yisrael is keenly aware of the need to extend our resources and lend our helping hands to those who were literally left with only the shirts on their backs. Rabbi Nojowitz noted, “Schools are struggling to rebuild and provide chinuch to their students. So much is needed. It is an overwhelming feeling for schools to have to rebuild on their own. They cannot do it on their own. Mr. Rechnitz has stepped into the fore, and many others, we hope, will follow to put these mosdos back on their feet.”

Schools will be able to replace damaged equipment and seforim, while families will receive financial help through local community assistance funds.

Rabbi Zvi Bloom of Torah Umesorah and a trustee of the Achiezer organization based in the Far Rockaway/Five Towns area, expressed his appreciation for Rabbi Rechnitz’ tremendous contribution. “I am especially thankful for the assistance we can now offer to our schools. Rabbi Rechnitz has once again blazed a trail of chessed for others to emulate,” Rabbi Bloom said.

School who suffered damage due to Hurricane Sandy, may contact Rabbi Dovid Nojowitz, Menahel of Torah Umesorah at 212 227 1000 X 4521.

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  1. I’m not sure why you put this up. Shlomo Yehuda runs away from kavod aside from the fact that this is something he does quietly on a almost daily basis to so many people personally and of course to every mosad in the world. The world needs more of him. His chasadim and HUGE heart knows no boundaries. The RBSO should bench him and his family to only be able to do more chasadim and to become more generous. SY we love u

  2. Thank you for posting!!!! Can’t run away for kuvod! We’ll find you!!!

    Of course he’s a Tzaddik and hates Kuvod, but that shouldn’t stop us from publicizing it!!!!


  3. i disagree with #2 – EVERYONE CAN HELP OTHERS!! but in different ways. i watched a hookup to the asifa in Flatbush in Rabbi Lieff’s shul and this point was reiterated time and again: EVERYONE CAN HELP – IN MANY WAYS. be it financial aid, emotional support, going to help empty basements, donating food, blankets and other necessities, giving a guy a coffee and most of all, davening.

  4. So, how many schools have been affected? I would surmise that Yeshiva of Belle Harbor, Yeshiva of Long Beach, Yeshiva of Manhattan Beach were most affected and don’t have the donor base the Rockaways and 5 Towns has. Personally I have seen Belle Harbor and I don’t believe any other neighborhood was as decimated.

  5. To #1 – Unfortunately, one million dollars is just a drop in the bucket. This donation is intended to encourage others to follow his lead and donate generously as well.


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