Reb Shayele’s Talmud Torah is Thriving in Monsey NY



In year 5778, more than 100 years after the passing of the Tzaddik Reb Shayele of Kerestir, our local town of Monsey is privileged to house a venerable Talmud Torah erected and maintained in Reb Shayele’s blessed memory.

This Cheder is an exemplary institution, vaunted as a rising star among the many Mosdos of Torah and Chinuch serving New York’s Jewish communities. Under the guidance and leadership of pious Mechanchim and teachers, the school is led to exceptional standards,all to the satisfaction of dozes of parents who witness their children growing into fine, erliche Yidden. These skilled staff members are inspired by a single mission: to instill in the beautiful students a pride of Torah and a deep sense of Yiras Shomayim.

A live campaign is happening HERE and Now, to continue the legacy and teachings of R’ Shayele in honor of his Yahrtzeit. 



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