Reb Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin Marks 52nd Birthday – and His Anniversary – Today


shomom-mordechai-rubashkinToday is the 52nd birthday of our good friend, Reb Sholom Mordechai ben Rivkah Rubashkin. Today, 28 Tishrei, is also the wedding anniversary of Reb Sholom Mordechai and his wife, Leah.

We pray, with the rest of Klal Yisroel, that Reb Sholom Mordechai’s yeshuah will come bekarov.

In a letter written by Reb Sholom Mordechai’s to his family before Yom Tov, he states as follows:

The ahavas Yisroel in the mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim for one Yid, an olam molei that has been shown in the past years, where so many Yidden – men, women and children of all ages – where so many tens of thousands have come together to daven to Hashem, to say Tehillim, to increase in their learning Torah, to do mitzvos and maasim tovim, to increase in their hiddur mitzvah, hardearned needed money was given with mesirus nefesh for another Yid, are sure to accomplish their work and Hashem will answer with abundant brachos. When we see that Hashem is affording us the ability to do even more in achdus and ahavas Yisroel, in ways never before possible, it is a clear sign that Hashem is accepting our tefillos and, therefore, we have the ability to be mesayeim the mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim in a way never before possible.”

As our readers surely know, more than 50,000 people have signed the petition to President Obama asking for an investigation into prosecutorial misconduct. While we wait for the president’s response, we now need to prepare for the next stages in his legal battle: either an en banc review at the 8th Circuit or, if necessary, appealing to the Supreme Court.

Sholom Mordechai needs your help to fund the next stage of his battle for justice and freedom.

Please consider giving a contribution of $100, $75, $50, $36 or even $18 or $10 for Sholom Mordechai so we can tell him that we came up with the funds to be able to pay lawyers to prepare his case.   This would be a tremendous chizuk for him and his suffering family especially on such a special day. Sadly, he has to celebrate two special occasions in prison, all alone, when most are able to celebrate with their spouses and family. (It’s not even a visiting day.)

Please visit to make a contribution and fulfill this great mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim. Let us bring a smile to his face.

You can also send a check to:

Klal Yisroel Fund
53 Olympia Lane
Monsey, NY 10952

Importantly, please take on a resolution in his merit and continue davening for Sholom Mordechai Halevi ben Rivka. His new kapittel is nun gimmel (53). Also, if you wish to send Sholom Mordechai a bracha, please email

With your help, we will indeed be able to celebrate with Sholom Mordechai at home.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. happy birthday:
    May Hashem answer you twice as much, when you call out to him for help.
    i.e. the numerical value of Hashems name is 26 x2 (double) is a total of 52

    happy anniversary too & may your family continue growing in the watys of torah & yiddishkeit


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