Reb Mendel Weiss z”l


mendel-the-coatrackIt is with great sadness that we report the passing yesterday of Reb Mendel Weiss z”l.

Reb Mendel, known to many as “Mendel the Coat Rack,” endured a life of tremendous yissurim and difficulties. He was a kind Yid who many people got to knew from his visits to various yeshivos and shuls.

Rab Mendel was known for the many layers of outer garments he wore, but underneath was a gentle person who displayed sensitivity and insight to those who merited to get to know him.

There were devoted Jews who extended great kindnesses to Reb Mendel, providing him with lodging and other needs, and thus creating a kiddush Hashem. Reb Mendel was extremely appreciative of those who embraced him and assisted him.

Reb Mendel studied at the Nitra Yeshiva in Mt. Kisco some 70 years ago, but he rarely, if ever, spoke about himself or his past. Instead, he was grateful for the hospitality extended to him, eating minimally and thanking profusely.

As one person who got to know Reb Mendel a bit remarked, he was largely a “nistar,” concealing much about himself while living in a realm largely removed from the olam hazeh around him.

May Reb Mendel’s pure neshamah ascend On High and be a meilitz yosher for all of Klal Yisroel. May his life and the lessons learned therefrom serve to inspire others to reach higher in their avodas Hashem and conduct bein adam lachaveiro.

He did not merit to leave behind children.

All are asked to daven or learn l’illui nishmas Yosef Menachem Mendel ben Yonah.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. He was great tzadik and did not leave any children So he will be a great melitz yoser for who does something leluh nishmuso.

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  3. I was once asked to drive him to Flatbush by one of his helpers, a heimishe yid. When I hesitated, he said to me, “Hub nisht moireh est hanaah huben fun em”. I did take him. All he spoke about was bein adam lachaveiro divrei torah. He said a few times how pained he was that there isn’t enough ahavas yisroel among yidden, and if there had been, Moshiach would surely have come. I’m sure he’s being a meilitz yosher for all those who helped him.

    Hachoseim b’demah,
    A yid from BP

  4. He used to go give bags of change to different yeshivas because he cared about young Jewish children’s learning Torah

  5. Many times he put cookies for the Lomdim in Lakewood Minyan. I’ve heard from others that they observed this too. A Tzaddik…..

  6. Rabbi Weiss appears to be the closest eye to Hashem’s free sincerity that I have seen on Matzav. Would love to know I can count on him to help us from the heavens. His complexion reminds me of an uncle of mine who passed prematurely. Rights to Rabbi Weiss’s story must be huge.

    Till we see one another in the world to come…


  7. I saw a comment on the obituary on that his name was Yosef Menachem Mendel ben Yonah. Can someone who knew him please confirm?

  8. He was related to the Tenke Rebbe.

    R’ Leibish Langer related that he once met R’ Mendel in Florida, with all his coats. R’ Langer asked him, “R’ Mendel, why are you wearing all your coats? It’s 90 degrees?” to which he responded, “Maybe tomorrow it will be cold.”


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