Readers’ Matzav: Forgotten Babies – A Message to Babysitters


baby-car-seatDear Editor,

In the last few years, there have been too many babies/young children who succumbed or nearly succumbed r”l to the excessively high heat in a locked car or van because a parent forgot to drop the child off by the babysitter.

There is one more thing that can be done to prevent such tragedies from happening. This message is addressed to babysitters: If a child whom you expect to arrive does not show up at the expected time, please pick up the phone and call the parent! YOU MAY BE SAVING THE LIFE OF A CHILD!

Chavi Hornig

Brooklyn, NY


  1. the problem is that when”Siechel” was given out they didn”t realize that it would run out by the year 2010

  2. another person had an idea, to keep your purse near the baby… that way you’re almost bound to remember the baby is in the car

  3. Mayim, are you including yourself in that statement? Don’t EVER judge someone else. Don’t pour more salt on their huge wounds.
    I know you’ll jump on me for saying it, but really, you can never judge anyone unless you have been in their exact situation.
    May Hashem spare us all from these tzaros and bring the yeshua soon!

  4. #4, what a sad world you must live in if you are more likely to remember to take your purse out of the car rather than a baby!

    Honestly, it makes me want to cry.

    I’m not judging those that leave babies in cars, but I am judging those who are more likely to remember a purse than a baby.


  5. it is not that she would remember her purse over her baby – it is that she probaly does not always have her baby with her when she leaves the car and her purse yes. B”H ladies (and men) are busy running from thing to thing. The best is just to make it a habit of turning around and looking at your car before you leave every time!

  6. Anonymous, you said it right… the reasoning behind the purse idea is not that the purse is more important, rather, if a women goes to do errands and realizes she doesnt have her purse, pocketbook etc, its very easy to notice wheras if she takes her baby to the babysitter every other day, and just that day she didnt for whatever reason, she may easily forget that her child is indeed in the car. again, the purse is not more important,,so father, dont cry…

  7. As a babysitter, I can say that since the yeshiva will no longer allow father’s to have a cellphone on vibrate, it’s no longer effective to call when a child is late.

  8. Now it is the babysitters’ responsibility? Parents are blessed with children. They are the ones responsible for their welfare, and no one else.


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