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lakewood-hatzolahBy A Lakewood Resident

Last week, I was at home with my kids, and it was hectic as usual. Nothing extreme, just a couple of healthy and lively kids all under the age of 10. The phone rang and I scrambled to find the handset. “Hello,” I said. The woman on the other end of the line was calling on behalf of Hatzolah. “We are making an evening event on May 11 at 7:00 PM, and we’d love if you can join us.”

I glanced at my calendar on the kitchen wall, and thought to myself “How can I possible drop everything on a school night for a few hours and make it to an event?!”

This past Shabbos we had a simchah in our family. My sister and brother in law’s oldest son Shloime was becoming Bar Mitzvah. After a beautiful davening and kiddush we were all sitting around for a family seudah when my brother in law’s radio went off. He quickly apologized and in a flash he was gone. We heard the sound of sirens fade into the distance as a silence fell over the room.

“How can he leave like that?,” I though. I can see all my siblings thinking the same thing, when suddenly I heard my sister tell her son the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.

“Shloime,” she said, “when it comes to doing the mitzvah of saving lives, your tatty always stops everything he’s doing, no matter what, and runs off to help. You know how proud of him we all are and the sacrifices he makes and we all make so that he can continue his amazing work. Today, at your Bar Mitzvah I want to you to learn how important it is that no matter what, when a mitzvah comes your way, you need to stop what you are doing and go do the mitzvah.”

As we sat there speechless, my mind wandered back to the phone call I received from Hatzolah. How can I think about not attending? Right then and there I decided that no matter what, I would stop whatever I’m doing and be there on Monday night May 11.

We all have seen and experienced the great work Hatzolah does. They are always on call, dropping everything on a moments notice to help others. All they ask in return is that we show our support by joining their event on Monday evening May 11 in Lake Terrace Hall. How can we possible say no?

Thank you Hatzolah for everything you do. I know I can always count on you, and I want you to know you can count on me too. See you on Monday!

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  1. Beautiful thoughts. However, another mitzva we have is to be m’chaneich our children properly, and that involves being home with them in the evenings, especially on school nights, except in the most rare and extreme cases. I don’t think attending their event goes into the category of hatzalas nefashos. I would certainly encourage all who are able to give generously in monetary ways. But regarding attending the event, I would leave it to each individual family to decide if this particular event is worth being absent from home that evening. I would not criticize someone who chooses differently than I do, nor would I try to convince him to change his mind.

  2. dear commentator #1,
    going out “1” night to show SUPPORT for this most wonderful organization, actually IS being mechanech his children…teaching them HAKARAS HATOV, for the ultimate selflessness of ALL Hatzolah’s esteemed members

  3. To #1 its gr8 to see your concern for the family time which is extremely important, however part of chinuch is showing your kids how important Hakaras Hatov is And that what u say that one should be yotze with money yes money is important but as every mother would know that going out of your way to show them that YOU appreciate their work is physically and emotionally motivating for them.

  4. “We all have seen and experienced the great work Hatzolah does. They are always on call, dropping everything on a moments notice to help others.”

  5. Post number 1 is spot on if you never had Hatzolah at your house. Everyone needs to know they are appreciated even Hatzolah members. How about explaining to your children why your going and making them part of the mitzvah of Hakoras Hatov

  6. I don’t understand why an “event” is necessary to raise money for Hatzolah. Event planning takes time, energy and money. As soon as it becomes known that Hatzolah needs money, every Rav should give a klap on the Bimah of his shul, and within 10 minutes our community should be able to raise the necessary funds. No one wants Hatzolah to be short on funds. Also, anyone who has ever used the services of Hatzolah, should go home and write out a very large check. It is a mystery to me why we have to exert such effort to raise money for Hatzolah??????

  7. Hatzolah treats my family like their own. When my family organizes a party, I make the utmost effort to attend.


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