Reader Recommends: Get Snow Cleats


Dear Matzav,

Please recommend to your readers that they get snow cleats. They’re affordable, and can prevent slips and falls. Cleats grip ice and snow, keeping people safe.

I recommend the Stabilicers Lite, which are bestsellers, made in America, and can be bought on Amazon for $20.

Without snow cleats, it’s easy to slip and fall on ice and snow. Cleats are a good buy and essential for winter.

Thank you.

A Reader


  1. Regarding wearing them on Shabbos, Rabbi Dovid Feinstein has been quoted as saying that it would not be permissible to wear in an area which has no eruv.

    His said, that since it provides no protection from outside elements, it cannot be considered a malbush, clothing.

    He continued and said, that if the rubber sole would be solid and come up and cover at least past where the sole of the shoe is attached to the upper part of the shoe, making it water resistant, that would be enough of a protection to allow wearing it, just like galoshes.


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