Read: Letter From Senator Diane Feinstein Urging Trump Not To Recognize Yerushalayim As The Capital Of Israel




  1. Senator Feinstein chose the safety of the Jewish people in Jerusalem and all over the world (read her letter ) over the symbolic act of America’s declaration.
    I applaud her for her courage and level headedness in making this recommendation.

    Trump has given us what Achashverosh gave us – 3 days of prayer kneged three days of rage.

  2. And the British should, along with the United States, should decide the fate of Washington, DC, and South Africans, along with Egypt, should decide the fate of Cairo.

  3. Senator: Your state is burning. It seems that you you have ‘days of rage’ now in CA greater than in the Middle East at present. Put out the fire in your own backyard.

  4. Amazing explanation by President Trump to an associate of his why he recognized Yerushalayim as the capital of Israel – at least it’s amazing for us Jews. We all know that President Trump is an honest, G-d fearing man and prays to G-d a lot. He said he did it in order to get Heavenly protection against his enemies – the Deep State, CIA, FBI and other liberals and Democrats who are out to destroy him. He said, “G-d said, ‘And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse, and all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you’.” (Bereishis 12:3)

  5. HoRav Meyer Kahane, Z”L, would call her a “liberal self-hating Jew.” And he’d be right on the mark.
    Every morning I wake up and wonder how our president is going to embarrass me today… but this was a powerful move. And every word of his speech was true.
    The status quo has been beaten and repeated for 25 years and we’re not one inch closer to a solution. Without a complete upheaval, and a new start, nothing will get done.
    The LES applauds you, Mr. Trump.

  6. What a chutzpah of this 84 year old hag to make such an outrageous demands of the only Jewish State in the world. Has she, a fellow Jew, no shame? Is it Party before religion? What a sick old bag.

  7. Another proof that a vote for a DemocRat is a vote against the Jewish people. Beware of all the anti Moore hypocrites, who are really just trying to sneak another DemocRat into Senate.

  8. It is ALWAYS good to have a voice discuss any danger of a new move. That is SANITY and RESPONSIBILITY. Her right is her comment. We will not foolishly see results. Stand with Trump or not, we must have a mind. She is our friend and she is very best a mind of years.

    Heed lists her as the right concern if a concern be made. This is why we are NOT a totalitarian mind in America.

    Lets see what Trump is doing. It might give a result that improves our future but the dog of Ishmael and his biblical known face is clear not one easy to work. We will see violence but maybe Israel can work through.

    Hope but no ideas if this is experimental, right or wrong.

    Keep eating kosher. Its our best.

      • Its a pretty simple thought. If you do obey dietary laws, then you will work more to obey other laws. The biggest infringement to start a heresy of hate for Torah is to avoid dietary laws. Its simple.

        We can not do much more in this year to vote or press much hope in the action of this administration. If we like him we are coy. We may not.

        So if you just keep eating (and of course it would be kosher) you will just keep your body moving to next meal and next future. Its just a quick way to say “there is wit to stay alive”.



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