READ BETWEEN THE LINES: Women’s March Uses Holocaust Remembrance Day To Push The BDS Movement


The Women’s March, a group that has been recently maligned for its ties to antisemitic figures such as Louis Farrakhan, couldn’t even let Holocaust Remembrance Day go by without showing their true antisemitic colors.

In a post commemorating the Holocaust, the Women’s March Instagram seemed condemn antisemitism, bemoaning its rise and pledging to fight alongside Jews to combat it.

Had the post ended there it would have simply been a bad attempt to rebut the accusations against the Women’s March that have led Jewish organizations to condemn them and Jewish participants to abandon them.

Instead the post, which is accompanied by a photo of a rally, continues:

“And as we remember Jewish tragedy and death, we also remember and celebrate #JewishResistance. Her’s a photo of a 1933 rally held by American Jews organizing a nation-wide boycott of Nazi Germany.”

Though the line seems like an innocuous but odd thing to write about on a day that remembers the six million victims of Nazi genocide, it is made rather sinister in context of the BDS movement.

Boycott, Sanction and Divestment, a movement that fights Israel through pushing a boycott on Israeli products, has often compared their movement to those of Jews boycotting Nazi products in the 1930’s. Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and the Israeli-Palestinian dispute to the ethnic cleansing of the Holocaust has validated the belief that the BDS movement is antisemitic at its core.

The Women’s March has too many Palestinian activists and BDS connections for this to be a mistake. The deliberate focus on the Jewish boycott of Nazi Germany was yet another example of the Women’s March underlying antisemitic beliefs.




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