Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum Searched at Miami Airport


rav-zalman-leib-teitelbaumStrict laws formulated in the United States after September 11 apparently do not distinguish between people, as seen during a recent incident in which Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum of Satmar was strip-searched at an airport.

Rav Zalman Leib, who resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, arrived at the airport in Miami, Florida, after spending several weeks in the Sunshine State. Rav Zalman Leib was asked to go through the metal detector for security check, but the machine beeped, indicating that he was carrying something metalic.

rav-zalman-leib-teitelbaumThe Rebbe’s gabbaim tried to explain to the security officials that this man is a leading Chassidic rabbi with thousands of followers. The officials, though, said that they must follow protocol, adhering to strict procedures instituted by the airport authorities.

Rav Zalman Leib was asked to empty his pockets, but the metal detector kept beeping. The officials thus required the Rebbe to remove some articles of clothing and go back through the metal detector. After a few minutes of further testing, the Rebbe and his entourage were permitted to proceed.

“This is the price of going on a commercial flight,” said one of the askonim close to Rav Zalman Leib. “But not anymore. In light of the sad situation, it was decided among the close chassidim of the Rebbe that he will fly on private flights to avoid such security procedures. Despite the costs involved, rav-zalman-leib-teitelbaum-1we cannot allow the same situation to occur again in which the Rebbe’s kavod is compromised.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. procedures-NOT! they just harass passengers they dislike.
    In the meantime, any terrorist who wanted to, could bring R”L a bag and easily detonate it while waiting in line for “SECURITY” “CHECKS”.

  2. what else is new

    They make Grannies and Grandpas take off their socks, but terrrrorists get escorted in first class

  3. asking someone to remove a “few articles of clothing” hardly constitutes a strip search. i think an zealous editor was looking for a cheesy headline,

  4. i just flew with a 5 week old baby. . I kept beeping so they frisked me as well as my five week old baby boy-he received a full body pat down in his stretchy….

  5. it was beeping from a pocket watch which was on the inside pocket of the rebbes white vest-
    they wont be flying private
    just shtoosim

  6. A few yrs ago I traveled with my elderly and weak grandfather. They searched him up and down, made him take off his belt and shoes, both were extremely taxing for him. I think that was the last time he traveled.

  7. First of all he wasn’t strip searched. Why is there a need to exaggerate for the sake of attention and to get people riled up about nothing.

  8. The fact is even members of Congree have had similar treatment. Even so, it is doubtful though other religous ;eaders would subjected to such treatment.

  9. The headline is misleading. As other commentators here point out, removing some articles of clothing to get through airport security is part and parcel of air travel these days.

  10. Last year me 10 month old baby was patted down by 2 security agents, because the computer randomly selected his name. wonderful system.

  11. At what point did kavod supercede pikuach nefesh? Put another way: what if a man masquerading as a heimishe rebbe was, in fact, smuggling an explosive aboard?

    Until the TSA adopts the level of passenger profiling that keeps El Al running safely, every passenger needs to follow the same protocol.

  12. I think that the rebbi would be happy that the dont distinguish for his own safty. And certianly his followers should be happy for his safty that they do this.

  13. 15. Comment from Anonymous
    Time January 13, 2013 at 12:59 PM

    The Imams & Mullahs will want to go through without getting searched too & you know what that could mean.

    Morai ve raboossai, quoted above we have our very first contender for the 2013 Shmendrick Awards!

    Keep them coming.

  14. I think an imam wearing a high turban and robe would have been subjected to the same treatment. The TSA employees I have encountered have been very polite and apologetic about having to physically check me a frum woman who cannot remove her outer sweater/blazer because of tznius concerns.

  15. a frum woman who cannot remove her outer sweater/blazer because of tznius concerns.

    Do not insult our intelligence by writing “can not”. Are you c”v crippled in some way? No, what you should have written is “will not”.

  16. I think you ate all outa your mind! First of all the one who said that even the president would get searched is out of he’s mind and a moron! There’s a certen level of respect that some1 with such a following deserves!

  17. Some people appear to be blissfully unaware that all diplomats, including those from “unfriendly” countries who have no visa and can not enter the country but are allowed, say, to the UN assembly in NYC or Geneva, carry whatever they want in their briefcases and can’t be searched. The “International Community” relies on the fact that known diplomats, even if they should carry explosives, won’t detonate them in flight. See, I travel a lot, and no matter how much Matzav censores my comments, I am outraged at what the Satmar Rebbe had to suffer. For everyone else, don’t doubt, next in line is your Rabbi, your grandmother, your baby. Then, you will be outraged too, and you will no longer find it difficult to believe the facts as stated.

  18. Lehavdil, Karol Wojtyla traveled a lot on commercial planes: there was an agreement with an airline, which paid a lot for the indirect advertising. Was he ever asked to go through security? Or to take off his gown? You may say this was before 9-11 which is true. Do you think Josef Ratzinger would be asked to take off his gown? Should this happen, do you think his followers would be silent about it?


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