Rav Yoshiyahu Pinto in Danger, Surgery Today


yoshiyahu pintoRav Yoshiyahu Pinto’s followers, members of the Shuvu Yisroel kehillah, announced that today, he will undergo an emergency operation. They urgently appealed to the public to daven for the health of their rov and a successful outcome of the surgery, Kikar News reports. The group stated in their appeal to the public that Rav Pinto’s life is in danger.

Their appeal reads as follows: “Lomdei Torah and bnei yeshivos, and all of Am Yisroel wherever they may be, are called upon to invoke Divine Mercy for our rov, son of holy ancestors, Rav Yoshiyahu Yosef ben Zari Pinto, who is in actual danger, and will undergo surgery tomorrow to save his life.”

Last week, Rav Pinto, who had fallen ill with a dread disease last year, penned a letter to his followers describing his pain and anguish. Pain and suffering notwithstanding, Rav Pinto pledged to continue with his work and fulfill his vow to Hashem to serve Klal Yisroel with body and soul.



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