Rav Yitzchok Yosef: Boys Should Get Married at Age 20, Don’t Listen to Roshei Yeshiva


 Rav Yitzchok Yosef, Sefardic chief rabbi of Israel, has once again stated that yeshiva bochurim must marry at the age of 20, adding that if their rosh yeshiva does not permit this, they should not listen to him.

 The Rishon LeTzion attacked those who forbid young men from marrying before the age of 22, 23 or 24.

He added that any bochur who is kicked out of his yeshiva for marrying early can feel free to learn in the yeshivaunder his leadership, Chazon Ovadiah, named for his father, Rav Ovadiah Yosef.

 In a shiur given at the Musayof shul in Yerushalayim, Rav Yosef said, “According to halacha, in this regard, one does not have to listen to his father and all the more so to his rebbi.”

“At the age of 20, you have to stand under the chupah,” he ruled. “Therefore, at the age of 20, one should not listen to his rosh yeshiva if he says otherwise, with all due respect to him.”

 Rav Yosef explained that yeshiva heads sometimes object to those who wish to marry early because it will negatively impact the dynamics and atmosphere of their yeshivos. “Are they taking responsibility for these bochurim? There’s immodesty and immorality out there. Do they take responsibility?”

 Rav Yosef said that during the period that he served as the head of Yeshivat Chazon Ovadiah, he would accept the students that the yeshiva heads would expel because of their desire to get married early. He added: “The heads of the yeshiva expelled them because they became engaged early. This is unjust.”

 One of the shiur participants asked Rav Yosef: “What if our son is influenced by the rosh yeshiva? What should we do?”

The Rishon LeTzion replied, “He can be transferred to another rebbi who will influence him. There are many talmidei chachomim out there who can guide and influence him. The rosh yeshiva is not the gadol hador.

“You should not be rude, however,” he qualified. “No chutzpah. You must speak [to the rosh yeshiva] with derech eretz.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Regardless of the topic, and with all due respect, I don’t see why someone would listen to R’Yosef over his own
    Rosh Yeshiva.

    • The benefit of publicizing this, is that people need to know that there’s more than one opinion out there.

  2. It`s about time Halacha is also mentioned, by a Poisaik of our time. Reb Chaim Kaniyevsky Shlita keeps insisting on every Bachur to get married young. The Chazoin Ish Z’L held a Bachur is Mechuev to get married young as is clearly mentioned in Even Ezer 1:3. A clear Halacha in Shulchan Aruch never changes. The only one that is allowed to prolong getting married late is a Bachur with ALL three of the following conditions 1-)He is totally immersed in learning, AND 2-)He is afraid to get married because he will not have food. AND 3-)His Yaitzer is not Misgeber on him. Years ago they delayed because of the army, Parnosa, women had no jobs, no food programs, so the only time to learn was before the Chasuna. Today B’H Kollel is a standard, & Yungeliet do learn after they are married. Why Bachur around till 23? The Chazoin Ish Z’L with his Ruach Hakodesh saved Erets Yisroel from the Shidduch Crisis tragedy that the American boys are causing to the Bais Yakov girls because they are delaying Shidduchem till 23.May Rav Yitschak Yosef be Matzliach in stopping the boys from doing against Halacha, and from causing a Sefardic Shidduch Crisis.

  3. Big deal. After a couple of years, the wife starts treating the husband like Palti Ben Layish. Vihameivin yavim. Why rush up the aggravation?

  4. I think that is a real chutzpa to give an opinion on talmidey chachomim matters. In fact there is an halocho regarding kibud av that if your father says some thing, you can’t answer and say that is true what he sayd and that you agree….because seems that you can argue with him or that he needs you to approves it
    And also by the guedolim we are nothing against their opinions.
    And i wanna know why is it that no body dares to open their mouths when the doctors are arguing their own opinion about the surgery but when the guedoilim has different opinion lemaan hashem every body can throw out all his shtusim…. I apologize that my English is not good but I’m from Argentina…

  5. Any yeshiva that “expels” a bachur for getting married early is not a yeshiva, it’s an institutionalized place of learning which is not a place of Torah…

  6. sure its true that every bocher must get married early but if he needs more time then thats what must be done but r’ yosef is right and each bocher must get married young but that does not mean at the extent of getting kicked out of yeshiva but this is true (that each bocher must get married young) and by the way most rosh yeshiva will agree with r’ yosef


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