Rav Yehuda Leib Braun zt”l


It is with great sadness that Matzav.com reports the passing of Rav Yehuda Leib Braun zt”l. He was 74 years old.

Rav Yehuda Leib had battled several difficult illnesses during his lifetime. His final illness, a lengthy one, caused him great yissurim, yet Rav Yehuda Leib showed great gevurah and emunah as he battled his nisayon.

Rav Yehuda Leib was a son of Rabbi and Mrs. Yeshaya Braun.

As a bochur, Rav Yehuda Leib was a talmid of Beth Medrash Govoha, where he studied under Rav Aharon Kotler.

There is a fascinating, but little known, story involving Rav Yehuda Leib and Rav Aharon. Rav

Yehuda Leib once went to Rav Aharon with a shailah. Rav Aharon strongly disagreed with what Rav Yehuda Leib said and during the exchange remarked, “Yehuda Leib, zolst leben!”

Later in life, Rav Yehuda Leib was struck with a serious illness. Doctors gave him just weeks to live, yet he lived for years.

At the time, Rav Chaim Kanievsky was approached and was informed of what Rav Aharon had once said: “Yehuda Leib, zolst leben!” Rav Chaim instructed that people should go to daven at Rav Aharon’s kever and “monn” (demand) from him that his bracha be fulfilled. And so it was.

Rav Yehuda Leib served as a rebbi at Yeshiva of Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn for years and was marbitz Torah and mashpiah on others throughout his life. He last served the rosh kollel of Kollel Zichron Yeshaya, named for his father. He was a master talmid chochom, who possessed wide-ranging knowledge in Shas and halacha. He was a boki, a noted lamdan, and an expert in seforim.

In addition to his ahavas haTorah, Rav Yehuda Leib was an outstanding baal chesed and baal tzedakah.

Rav Yehuda Leib’s wife, Mrs. Elky Braun, is a daughter of Rav Avrohom Chaim and Rebbetzin Chava Leah Pincus. Rav Avrohom Chaim, a talmid of Mir and Kaminetz, was mashgiach of Mesivta Torah Vodaas. Rebbetzin Chava Leah, nee Weinberg, was a sister of Rav Yaakov Weinberg, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, and Rav Noach Weinberg, founder and rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Aish HaTorah.

The levayah will be held today at the Bendheim Bais Medrash at Beth Medrash Govoah, located at 617 Sixth Street in Lakewood, NJ, at 12:30 p.m.

The family will be sitting shivah at Rav Yehuda Leib’s home, located at 24 Myrtle Place in Lakewood, from this coming Sunday to Thursday morning.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. BD’E a special person. The nifter aside from all his other accomplishments devoted time to learn with someone at partners in Torah of Mill Basin Brooklyn. Yehi zichro Boruch

  2. Additionally he founded kibbutz bnai yeshivos. A shul and bais medrash in tannersville ny. His greatest joy was accommodating bnai Torah and facilitating retreats for yeshivos and families. A true Baal Simcha and masmid otzum. A big loss.


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