Rav Yaakov Meir Schechter Visiting Uman for the First Time in 30 Years (JDN)



  1. Why is the steering wheel on the right side, this is Ukraine not Melbourne or London, those are the only places in the world that the steering wheel is on the right everywhere else it’s on the left, does this mean that in Ukraine they drive on the right side as well ? Could someone please explain ty

  2. It’s funny. I know at least 2 of the commentators are over 60 and super cynical. I would bet the others are too, or just very grumpy. I am not a Hasidic Jew but can understand certain places can have special meaning to people even if you don’t understand. Keep davening where you daven but don’t act like if someone does something different than you than they are silly. Shana tovah to you all wherever you are or wherever you connect with Him.

  3. @everyone above

    Rebbe Nachman wanted every Neshama to be by him for Rosh Hashana!
    This is written in Chayei Moharan:

    (Gadol Yikras Rosh hashana Sheloy: Alef) Rosh Hashana Sheli Oleh Al Hakol, my Rosh Hashana is greater than everything! It is a “Peleh” why people who believe in me don’t come to me for Rosh Hashana. “Ish Loi Yeder/ NO ONE SHOULD BE MISSING!” and you should go out there and make anouncements! Whoever is Zoche to be by me for Rosh Hashana should be very very happy! (Lashon of Simcha MiOid MiOid). Eat fine food and fine drinks! “Ki Chedvs Hashem Hi MiUzchem” The joy of Hashem is your Streghn (Nechemia 8:9) This is my Rosh Hashana!


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