Rav Weiss Visits Russian Compound to Gain Release of Grandson, Who Was Hiking with Aharon Sofer


rav-yitzchok-tuvia-weissThe bochur who went hiking with Aharon Sofer z”l this past Friday is a grandson of Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, Gaon Av Bais Din of the Badatz of the Eidah Hachareidis of Yerushalayim.

The bochur was interrogated several times by Israeli police in Yerushalayim as they sought to decipher the mystery of Aharon’s disappearance.

Prior to the discovery of Aharon’s body today, some investigators insinuated that the bochur hadn’t told them all he knows, despite his insistence otherwise. He was thus called again for questioning at the Russian Compound and detained there by police.

This evening, the bochur‘s grandfather, Rav Weiss, visited the Russian Compound to request the release of his grandson. Rav Weiss was accompanied by Reb Amram Shapiro and Reb Avrohom Chaim Cheshin.

Following a meeting between the police and Rav Weiss, his grandson was released.


{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Was Rav Weiss’s grandson a toshav (resident) of israel?
    Questioning is a norm procedure in all ‘missing person case’.

    My boys & grandsons love to hike & wander through the trails in Israel. Rules of any hike, safety that is taught in their Yeshivos include: 1) sturdy hiking shoes 2)flashlight or lighter 3) cell fone with extra battery 4)big hat/head overing 5)WATER & usually a backpack for carrying.

    Please young men & women with Yom Tovim coming up, kids love to go on tiyuling – follow instructions above. Please WE LOVE YOU ALL!

  2. To #1: Questioning is norm; how it’s done must be with respect especially a Ben Torah!!! If an important person’s child were in that position, it would be done differently. They were causing him a lot of pain; not letting him eat properly and threatening to lock him up with convicted murderers for ten days if he does not ‘tell’ them that he is the one who did it. The reason is because they needed something to come up with as there was no evidence.
    To #2: What are you trying to say; are you speaking of the non-frum – that they work like that? Do you think a gadol would ask for something which makes no sense? As a mater of fact it is as I mentioned and worse. This is what was said over at the asifas chizuk and Tehillim in Lakewood last night. Thank you

  3. Any good forensic pathologist could quickly determine whether accident or physical infliction were involved. Quickly, respectfully, without mishandling the niftar. Most probably just by eyeballing, during the regular preparations.

    I’m sure the Gadol realized this, and why he acted so forcefully (and GRANDLY/Gadol-ly).

  4. 4 & 5

    Where is the information about the investigation that you are aware of all details?
    Israelis are not cuties, sweeties, ‘how are you types’ whether in the police station or at the Meah Shearim shwarma place. Their voices are louder, body and hand motion fierce and guttural way of speaking.

    When purchasing a simple yarmulke in Geula, us American bochurim are stressed out with the questions; “What you want?, how many sections? You buying one or three? how big? not big enough? velvet with piping or not? I’m closing soon!!! Why don’t you know what you want? How many you gonna try on!! Why’s your hair so long? Where you learning? Why there? that place is for goyim or shgeist!” etc…

  5. This happens many times unfortunately. Sometimes a child dies and they accuse the Parent of foul play. Its hard enough for the Parent to deal with death of their own child, but on top of the pain they have to deal with accusations and public perception. Its an awful awful situation. As others have already stated, I don’t trust the Shin Bet like I trust the FBI. The Shin Bet has been known to use torture and drugs to get a “confession”. No lawyers are allowed to be present during their interrogation.

  6. My heart is breaking for the niftar, his family and friends and all of klal Yisroel who have lost an amazing and talented Ben Torah. The hiking instructions of # 1 are important but please bear in mind the following additional points
    1) bring a whistle in case you are lost, it will help rescuers find you
    2) don’t hike beyond your ability , if one is a Ben Torah and not accustom to frequent and challenging hikes, they should certainly stick to the marked paths, go in large or medium sized groups, and most importantly Stick together,
    3)Bring at least a liter and a half of water PER PERSON and don’t waste it on water fights, drink fequently and generously, If you dont like water, add some lemon, mint leaves (bug-free) or slices of fruits to pleasantly flavor the water.
    4)Sunscreen, Hats, Insect repellant,especially in the sun! Reapply frequently – for some fair skinned people that can mean every half hour!
    5) Nuts and raisins, granola bars, whole wheat crackers and Halva are good snack food as they are compact and give nutritional bang, (avoid mayonnaise based salads or sandwiches, and remember that chocolate melts)
    6) Tell someone you are going, and when you plan on returning – and make up to call after the hike so if the person doesnt hear from you he can alert your Yeshiva, the authorities etc.

    We are losing too many good Bachurim in this manner, For someone who learns and respects Torah remember that VeNishmartem Me’od et Nafshotaychem is an essential mitzvah.

  7. Let’s take a step back and walk through this together. Two boys go hiking together. One walks away and the other is lost. A logical option exists that the present boy harmed the missing boy. Irrelevant of what truth might be revealed – this criminal scenario is possible. The job of the police, as everyone so wishes, is to take rational steps and act prudently to solve the case. In doing so, however uncomfortable it might be, the boy’s friend stands to be investigated. Procedural rules dictate that he is interrogated. Nobody was “tortured by the Israeli”. Rather, the police were doing their job.

    On one hand, people are up in arms that the Israeli police are not doing enough. On the other hand, when they take concrete steps to solve the case, speakers in Lakewood have their tongue on the trigger and shoot off disdain. I am by far, not part of the ‘Israeli Police Fan Club’, but let’s keep things in perspective and think before we speak or write.

  8. as #11 commented, it would have been unconscionable if the friend who was with aron had not been interrogated. the police had to make certain that nothing untoward had happened. that being said, this bochur will need a great deal of help to get over the ordeal, not so much of the interrogation, but in his feelings of blame. let us daven that he should have yishuv hada’as

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