Rav Weiss To The Kalmanowitzes: “Zei Meinen Di Ribono Shel Olam”


rav-yitzchok-tuvia-weissMrs. Hinda Kalmanowitz, an American émigré and wife of Rabbi Chizkiya Kalmanowitz, an askon with Asra Kadisha, touched base with Matzav.com following our report last week and interview with her after her husband was arrested on charges of trespassing and stealing bones. Read that full report here.

“Thank you for printing our story,” the Rebbetzin told Matzav.com, “and thank you to all of Klal Yisroel, who have shown us an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement during this difficult time.”

Rebbetzin Kalmanowitz addressed those who question the veracity of the story as reported on this site.

“For those of you who wanted to know about the ‘other side of the coin,'” she said, “here goes: In conversation with the chief interrogator in charge of Chizkiya’s case, Oded Yaniv, I protested his treatment and incarceration since there was no evidence on him at all. His response?
‘Not yet, but we’ll find something.’

“So there you have it. They have nothing on him, yet they wanted access to his computer and other personal things, so that they can create some sort of case on him in order to undermine the holy work that he does.”

After Rav Chizkiya was released from jail, he and his rebbetzin were invited to the home of Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, Gaon Av Bais Din of the Eidah Hachareidis.

“At a warm and intimate reception there,” Rebbetzin Kalmanowitz told Matzav, “the Gaavad stated: “Zei meinen nisht dir. Zei meinen di Ribono Shel Olam (They don’t mean you. They mean Hashem).”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. I Don’t understand.
    According to Tenaach, there were more than 4 Billion Yidden living in Eretz Yisroel, during the 800 years till the 1st Churban. Where is everybody??

  2. YOINA:
    Why don’t you ask this question your Rebbi or teacher?
    What do you what from us?
    Why does this question belong on a forum like this?
    Are you wavering in your emunoh?
    Get in touch with Arachim.


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