Rav Weiss: No Ashkelon Protests On Monday Out of Respect for Fallen IDF Soldiers


rav-yitzchok-tuvia-weissRav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, Gaon Av Bais Din of the Eidah Hachareidis, has told parents from the Yad Lebanim memorial society that the Eidah will not hold protests against the relocation of kevorim found at the Ashkelon’s Barzilai Medical Center planned for Monday because of Memorial Day – for fallen IDF soldiers – which falls on the same day.

The remarks were made on Thursday to Yad Lebanim Director Rochel Laniado.

Rav Weiss said the protest will take place after Independence Day out of respect for the bereaved families and so as not to disrespect the memory of the fallen soldiers.

The Eidah has said that it has received indications that the relocation of the kevorim will begin this coming week.  

Ynet reports that Rabbi Dovid Shmidel, Asra Kadisha Chairman, who has led the effort to protect the kedusha of the niftarim buried in Ashkelon, has consulted with Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv and Rav Ovadia Yosef in proceeding to address the matter.

Yad Lebanim Chairman Eli Ben-Shem actually received a phone call from Rav Weiss that he holds the organization in high esteem and respects the fallen, “and that he has no intention of desecrating their memory,” in the words of Ben-Shem.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. I hope and pray that this is true and commentor #1 is wrong, it is just amazing if it is true, not because the medina is loyal to the torah, rather because we have to make a kidush Hashem, and try to get the not yet religious yiden to see us in a positive light, which doesnt mean we have to be like the mizrachim who give up part of their loyalty while portraying this task, chas vichalila, rather just behaving respectfully to another yids tsar and not doing as was done moitsei pesach where niturei charta boys destroyed a monument for 24 yiden killed, and their sick mother (who’s no better then a chiloni really, as far as chilul hashem bifarhesya is concerned, well she went and commended their actions, actions which hurt the feelings of jewish citizens, including holocaust survivors, citizens not even soldiers, which were murdered in cold blood by blood thirsty arabs, for simply being jewish, and she justified her actions, by claiming that monuments is a goyishi zach, what a sick human being, holier then thou person who has her beliefs distorted)
    Feeling for another yids tsar is what took us out of mitzrayim as it says by moshe rabeinu vayar bisivloisom which all the miforshim say is the imperative and maila of every jew and it is what brings the geula closer, hopefully bimiheiru biyumeinu.

  2. Just wanted to clarify my previous comment a little when I said that the mizrachim defy their jewish loyalty when they claim to be bridge for the not yet religious jews I was refering to what rabbi amnon yitzchk always say that mizrachin in their goal of bringing reconcilliation between themselves and and the chilonim they give up many haluchis and in their destiny they become a one way bridge with many mizrachim becoming chilonim unfortunately and so we have to strive to remain steadfast to our yidishkeit and be afraid to voice our opposition on important haluchic matters but when it bones to vayar bisivloisum we have to care for our fellow yiden and share with them in their tsar


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