Rav Soloveitchik’s Position On Hallel On Yom Ha’atzmaut


rav_jb_soloveitchik[Link below.] The link below provided by Matzav.com presents to our readers an accurate and fascinating testimony of what Rav Yosef Dov Halevi Soloveitchik, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchonon and the foremost leader of contemporary Modern Orthodoxy, truly held about Yom Haatzmaut and the recital of Hallel.

The pages are culled from the now famous and widely received volume, “The Rav: Thinking Aloud,” by Rabbi Dovid Holzer.

Matzav.com received explicit permission from the author’s son to share this with our readers.

The pages in the link record word for word RavSoloveitchik’s true, uncensored halachic and hashkafic position on the matter.

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  1. Always wonderful to read. Of course, you might want to consider the Rav’s conclusion:

    “Whatever I said, don’t consider them as piskei halachah. I am not a posek. It is simply sharing my thoughts with you. If you feel that I am wrong, I wouldn’t feel offended.”

    Those who would use R’ Soloveitchik’s words to condemn others would do well to remember that.

  2. I looked in allot of poskim but can’t find the source where this minhag comes from. Can someone please write the name of the sefer that brings this minhag?

  3. All of a sudden for Yom Ha’atzmaut your interested in what the Rav said because it may suit you.
    What about everything else he said? Are you ‘goires’ those too?

  4. Why not quote from some of the dati leumi leaders in EY who set the bar asw to what the practice is and how it was set by those living in medinat yisrael? I believe many of the contemporary leaders would agree to say full hallel with a bracha.

  5. IOW a Gadol that respected, welcomed and honored differences of opinion on halachahic and hashkafa issues… A lost entity!!!

  6. True, but Rabbi Soloveitchik is “not a posek” here just as much as he is “not a posek” anywhere. However, Rav Soloveitchik is expressing his hashkafos. So people who claim to follow Rav Soloveitchik (be it in hashkafa or in halacha) should in fact follow his views, and deserve to be admonished if they misrepresent his views while claiming to follow his views

  7. Listen y’all, this is what Rav soloveitchik Z”L said-DEAL WITH IT!!! sure there may be others out there with more of a “pro Hallel” stance, and there certainly are many with a more “anti” view, but neither of those are the point. The point HERE is what the Rav said and here it is- PERIOD

  8. Favorite line of the article:
    “The pages are culled from the now famous and widely received volume, “The Rav: Thinking Aloud,” by Rabbi Dovid Holzer.”

    Nothing in this book constitutes psak.


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