Rav Shternbuch: Violent Protestors Are Posul L’Eidus


reb_moshe_shternbuch1Rav Moshe Shternbuch, Rosh Av Bais Din of the Eidah Hachareidis, said earlier this week that those who throw stones at demonstrations in Yerushalayim are “posul l’eidus,” unfit for testimony. Commenting on violence, Rav Shternbuch said, “Those who throw stones and use violence at demonstrations are unfit for eidus for chupah and kiddushin and any other eidus b’Yisroel.”

Rav Shternbuch discussed the protests in recent months regarding the Karta parking lot and the Meah Shearim mother.

Rav Shternbuch ask American Jewry and rabbonim to stand by the Badatz of Yerushalayim in opposing Mayor Barkat who has breached the holiness of Shabbos in public, adding that “there is no room for compromise at the expense of the Shabbos.”
Rav Shternbuch, however, clearly disapproves of any violence whatsoever, and says that anyone using violence is desecrating the name of Hashem. Beyond the assertion that those who are violent are posul l’eidus, Rav Shternbuch averred that “usually these people are not all yirei Shomayim and there are many [other] reasons that they are posul l’eidus.”

As for the legitimacy of the efforts of Reb Yoilish Krauss who has led the demonstrations in Yerushalayim and claims to represent the Eidah, Rav Shternbuch said that he does not know him and that he does not serve in any official capacity on behalf of the Eidah Hachareidis.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Firstly, Matzav let us know when one of violent demonstrators or organizers are disallowed to receive kibuddim.

    Secondly, “American Jewry and rabbonim to stand by the Badatz of Yerushalayim in opposing Mayor Barkat who has breached the holiness of Shabbos in public”—-any peaceful suggestions on point two, that is not be a chilul hashem or lower kavod shamayim publicly.

  2. very simple every shabbos the people go out it peacefull protest, as they have been doing.

    as long as the animal police don’t come attack, and those few nut jobs dont start throwing stones it will be peacefull as it has been.

    the chillul hashem is the way people sit by and don give a damn about shabbos.

    Notice how diff. an adam gadol like R’ shernbuch speaks that all the ignorant baaleh batim bloggers. yes he (very) strongly condemns all violence, yet he says we may not compromise at the expense of shabbos, unlike many people who have only taken on the first half of it

  3. I’m getting conflicting messages from the Eidah. Can anyone please explain.

    Rav Moshe Sternbuch is standing up as a member of the Eidah, calling for restraint and SLAMMING those who do anything to other members of the public, religious or not
    When the world media wants to dicuss the ‘violence’ with the Eidah, they are told to contact Yoeli Krauss, some true nobody from Mea Shearim in terms of leadership. He is uneducated, both in Torah and in secular and HE is the supposed leader of the Eidah ??????

    Am I the only one who smells a rat here???????

    Who are the people who set up ‘Yoeli’?
    Why are they afraid of speaking to the media?

    I just don’t get it. If the Eidah hold by Rav Sternbuch, why not publish his line to the wider public, why get them talking to ‘Yoeli’?

    and/ or

    Is Rav Sternbach being undermined by other members of the Eidah leadership? Obviously some people in management don’t hold of him and want ‘Yoeli’ view of life projected to the world


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