Rav Shternbuch: The Greatest Danger that Exists for the Jewish People Today


reb_moshe_shternbuchHarav Moshe Shternbuch, Rosh Av Beis Din of the Eidah Hachareidis of Yerushalayim, in a recent shiur in Beis Knesses HaGra in Har Nof, had strong words regarding the planned to’eivah parade to take place in the streets of Yerushalayim. In his remarks, delivered on Shabbos Parshas Shelach (in Eretz Yisroel) and reported by the American Yated Ne’eman, Harav Shternbuch said that while we have nothing to fear from Iran or any other threats that are hurled at us, our real fear must be the atrocity that is scheduled to take place on Gimmel Tammuz, this Thursday, when “a detestable parade is planned on the streets of the Holy City of Yerushalayim. Right here, in the palace of the King,” said Rav Shternbuch, “they plan to flaunt the greatest abominations known to mankind. This parade is our greatest danger. Seeing Klal Yisroel quiet while such an abomination is taking place may well inflame Divine anger and could have terrible ramifications. Then we will truly have something to fear.”

Harav Shternbuch issued a note of caution, however. “Burning garbage bins, smashing traffic lights and other destruction of city property,” said the Raavad, “does not aid the cause and is a desecration of Hashem’s name. This seeming religious zeal is childish behavior from individuals looking for an excuse to have what they consider a good time.”

Jews living outside of Eretz Yisroel, said Harav Shternbuch, should not think that this upcoming parade will not have a direct impact on their lives. All bracha flows down into the world via Eretz Yisroel, and if an abomination takes place in the Holy Land,” he said, “it will surely make itself felt across the globe. Anyone who can do anything that could really assist to prevent this abomination from taking place is obligated to stand up for the honor of our Father in Heaven and stop the desecration of His Holy City.”

            Harav Shternbuch said that whoever has any political, financial or any other type of influence to help remove this filth from the holy streets of Yerushalayim should do so. “This is the greatest danger that exists for the Jewish people today, and we must do what is in our power to stop it from happening. Thinking that there is nothing we can do to stop this parade is a grave error. We need only make an effort and Hashem will finish the job. Standing idly by is tantamount to seeing our Father being disgraced without defending his honor.

“When the Jewish people learn from Hashem’s miracles, we are repaid with supernatural assistance. Hesitation in this matter is a case of misplaced humility. Regarding this parade, a meek, head-in-the-sand approach will place us in real danger from the enemies who are threatening us. If we defend the honor of our Father in Heaven, we will surely find favor in His eyes and merit to see the redemption speedily.”

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  1. Go ahead Rav Shternbuch, we are behind you.

    On a side point, interesting that the Adah HaCharedit decided to ignore this yr. toeivah parade and use its resources on kedushas Shabbos instead. Do hope that others will join Rav Shternbuch in showing disapproval/anger.

  2. “Burning garbage bins, smashing traffic lights and other destruction of city property,” said the Raavad, “does not aid the cause and is a desecration of Hashem’s name.”

    Why, may I ask, didn’t anyone say this before the chillul Hashem that occurred two Shabbosim ago? Why didn’t he speak up then?

  3. What can we do? I honestly want to know, apart from tefilla, what can we do? Can we storm the mayor’s office with protests?

  4. Soon parshas Pinchos will be coming up. My question is WHO WILL BE PINCHOS???? I’m sure each one of us can make a differance. Each one of us must stand up to protect Hashems honor!!!!!

  5. Possible solutions:

    * everyone donating the gematria of “yesod” or “”brit” and davening to Hashem that this does not take place.

    * Tikkun haklali.

    * taking on something new (gulp) coupled with confessing and being remorseful of a wrong doing and resolving not to do it again.

    * crying out in the merit of the Avot.

    * marching around J’lem and blowing the shofar like in Jericho (don’t worry, I doubt it will crumble. But perhaps it will be reconquered by the Jewish people again???)

    I suspect whatever the solution is, it may involve (1) walking or somehow moving the legs up and down. (2) speech. confession, praises to G, a kind word to a neighbor.

    But we gotta believe we can make a difference and that can defy nature, that G will hear us and respond, that He is Alive and active.

    Goodness, borrow the zeal from the Muslims, the faith from the xtians, but the prayer is ours -that we must search inside and bring it out.

  6. it may be a chiyuv to be moche, but it may be just as bad or worse to teach and expose our heilige children “shelo taamu taam chait” that there even exists such toeva, the damage done to chareidy children by public protests is much worse.they can wait to find out about these things (if they have to) when they are older

  7. We as Jews must believe in our Rabbonim,perhaps our small minds can not always understand a decision of a Rabbi,however they study more have more Yiras Shomayim and surely think things through before putting their opinion forward,if we show others especially our children that what a Rav says is not correct or sounds strange to us,who will they look up to???It can chas vesholem cause disrespect for Rabbis in general and thereby cause a great Chillul Hashem.


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