Rav Shteinman’s Promise To Rav Etrog Fulfilled


Two years ago, just before Sukkos, Rav Yechezkel Esrog of the Migdal Oz kollel network came to Rav Shteinman with a question regarding a childless philanthropist who asked for a brocha to have children.

In a conversation recorded on video, Rav Esrog asked, “Would it help for him to give $52,000 which has the gematria of ben (son)? Would this certainly help him have a son?”

“Let him give the gematria of bas,” Rav Shteinman answered. “That’s much more than ben.

“Perhaps if he gives the gematria of ben and bas he’ll have twins?” Rav Esrog suggested.

Switching to a more serious mood, Rav Shteinman told him that the Chofetz Chaim once promised someone that if he gave tzedokah, a certain thing he wanted would come about.

“So the rosh yeshiva is saying that it is certain that if he gives more tzedokah it will help?” Rav Esrog asked.

“He will have,” Rav Shteinman replied.

A year later, the gvir excitedly told Rav Esrog that he had a son less than a year after giving another contribution to the kollel equal to the gematria of ben. Rav Esrog urged him to give another donation equal to the gematria of bas and the man sent the money by special messenger.

A month ago, the happy father phoned to say he had just had a daughter.



  1. Something doesn’t make sense.
    A “philanthropist” is giving $402.00 and I that zechus had a son? And then he $402.00 and had a girl?????
    Its all very nice and I wish the man much nachas but the word “philanthropist” I believe refers to someone with a lot bigger hasagos..
    Does it make even sense that someone would ask reb Aron leib Z”al such a question??

  2. Someone once came to the Satmar Rav, and gave $36. The rav asked whim why. He said ‘rebbe; it’s two times chai?!’ The Rebbe answered, ‘I’d rather have one times meis!!!’ ($440!)


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