Rav Shteinman: Poverty in Frum Community Due to Lashon Harah


rav-shteinman2A rosh kollel recently went to Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman with questions based on recent events with  ministry inspectors chasing down kollelim and harassing them with visits and new rules.

The rosh kollel said that his avreichim are very worried and want to know in what area and realm they can or should strengthen themselves in order to have the decree pass.

Rav Shteinman said they should strengthen themselves in three realms:

-bittul torah

– bein adam l’chaveiro

– lashon hara – and this, Rav Shteinman said, should be the primary focus.

Rav Shteinman said that lashon hara is the only sin that causes tzoraas, and today we have destitution, poverty, instead of tzoraas. He added that the frum community suffers from terrible poverty and it is because of speaking lashon hara.

(Bechadrei Chareidim/Life in Israel/Matzav.com})


  1. Two points:

    What is there to worry about if the kollel and its members adhere to current rules? And if there is something to worry about then why not adhere to the rules or accept the consequences? So perhaps another tikkun would be to act honest and truthfully in accordance to the regulations…?

  2. Perhaps they could also strengthen themselves in learning some skill with which they can provide for themselves and their families. Usually poverty issue to a failure to make money. Just a thought.

  3. To the editor:
    May I suggest that the name of the post be changed. Rav Shteinman did not say that the cause of poverty in the frum community is lashon hora etc. He was asked on which areas to focus and this is what he answered. No one can know with any certainty why Hashem does what He does. One can only ask what WE can learn from a particular issue or story and where WE can improve.

  4. I witnessed the reduction of the klalls income over the last half century with the inception of the mezonos bread/roll which started in the early 80’s. The diamond and electronic business then crashed ,and it is still downhill from there.today even if one earns a six figure income it is not enough.there is no brocha in the money .so my advice to the klall is wash and bentch, and then we will receive the brocha ,ooveirach es lachmechah ves maymechah amen

  5. also, we should start focusing on things that matter in our lives, like learning Torah and the chinuch of our kids instead of being busy with foolish things like lattes, blueberry muffins and “Pass the Ketchup” stuff.

  6. As Rav Shteinman told a menahel “gayvah gayvah gayvah” is why kids are taken into schools. And it starts with lashon harah about those people.
    Yechi adodneinu

  7. The story is told of Rav Chayim Brisker one day asked his talmidim how to clean a room. The Talmidim we stunned by the simplicity of the question, so they all offered the wildest answers. Rav Chayim who was known to have a sence of humor, chuckled and said rabboisai, with a broom!!!!.
    The solution to problems is usually the most simple and direct method. In the secular world it is called the KISS method. (KEEP IT SIMPLE…)

  8. it’s in this weeks parsha with the acronym of the ??? as bitul torah ????? ??? bein adam l’chaveiro ??? and loshan horah.
    ?”???? ??? ?”?? ?”??? ???=???

  9. In Orach Chaim simin 158- 9 it says that if one is not careful to wash his hands before eating, he will become poor. I heard a while ago that in Queens one can not find mazonas rolls but here in Brooklyn, you can easily get very large mazonas roll sandwiches.


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