Rav Shmuel Eliyahu: Moshe Hirsch Should Not Be Buried in Jewish Cemetery


rabbi-shmuel-eliyahuRav Shmuel Eliyahu, the Chief Rabbi of Tzfas and a son of Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, says that Moshe Hirsch, the head of the radical wing of Neturei Karta whose levaya was held earlier this week, should not have been buried in a Jewish cemetery, and that now that he has been buried there, no other Jews should be buried nearby.

Hirsch, who died over Shabbos and was buried on Sunday on Har Hazeieism in Yerushalayim, encouraged and met often with Yasser Arafat, and his followers have also met with Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmedinajad, who denies the Holocaust.

A delegation of formerly active Fatah terrorists even paid a consolation visit to Hirsch’s family on Monday in the Meah She’arim neighborhood of Yerushalayim – and threw in a demand for the neighborhood to be included in a future Palestinian Authority capital. Abdel Kader, reponsible for Yerushalayim affairs on behalf of Fatah, participated in the visit and said afterwards, “We don’t plan to give up our claim to Meah She’arim, nor to the Neturei Karta Jews there.”

moshe-hirschRav Eliyahu spoke on the new Galei Yisrael radio station on Monday, using harsh language against Hirsch: “In my opinion, he should have been buried outside the cemetery… This person took himself out of the nationhood of Israel; he is a heretic. ‘Sheim reshaim yirkav – The name of evil ones should rot.” We are blessed to have been exempted from him; the verse ‘when the wicked are lost, there is joy’ [Mishlei] applies to this situation.”

Arafat named Hirsch his “Minister for Jewish Affairs” in the Palestinian Authority. He or his followers often demonstrated around the world against Israel and in favor of Arab rule in Israel.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel/Arutz Sheva}


  1. I think we take a big risk by sitting in judgement of any jew. Although I am entirely, against what he did…now that he no longer is alive..I think we should leave judgement to the One Above. I think HAKODOSH BORUCH HU can figure it all out…and as a yid…I’m hoping that they will find a zechus for him in shumayim. So…let’s be careful not to celebrate his death thinking the the gavel will now come down on this man. As yidden,we are much better off trying to find zechusim for people, instead of the opposite.
    If we want Hashem to find zechusim for us when we will need it….and we all do…we need to find them for our fellow jews….and that is not to say that I think that what he did is justified. My heart leaped in anguish seeing photos of the group and their actions…however…….

  2. Would he say the same about the secular left anti-Israel, anti-Jewish in Israel that they are not to be buried in a Jewish cemetery?

  3. This Tzfas Rabbi, in a free and democratic society, has a legal right to make statements. That he has excersized that legal right, says more of him than anyone else.

  4. Some questions, fact check and comparisons.
    – “encouraged and met often with Yasser Arafat”,
    Encouraged what?
    -“his followers have also met with Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmedinajad”
    Wrong, it was followers of Rabbi Moishe Beer Beck who met Iranian president.
    -“ who denies the Holocaust”
    Rabbi Michoel Dov Weismandel met with Eichman Y-Sh who DID Holocaust and still his kaiver is in Yidishe Bays Oilom.
    -“ Fatah terrorists”
    Even Zionist don’t consider Fatah terrorist organization”
    -“ ‘Sheim reshaim yirkav – The name of evil ones should rot”
    Would he say so about Hertzel Y Sh and any of his followers?
    -“nationhood of Israel”
    Sad that some people replace our real bond which is the Torah with this.
    Rabbi Moishe Hirsch was Shomer Tora ve Mitzvois man. You may disagree with him but if any one could be called a Jew it is rather him than Bibi, Livni and others.
    In fact, even Litzman, who sits in the kneset against his own rabbinical authority (Statment of rav Eliashiv) serving Zionist Avoda Zarah, is my brother, mistaking but a brother. “In my opinion”.

  5. What did you expect from him? He puts his zionist principles above his Jewish principles, when the two are in conflict (as they often are.)

  6. To comment #2
    I think there is a big difference between a tinok shenishba, and someone who is supposedly a frum jew. Maybe Hirsh is a tinok shenishba too?

  7. “Rav Eliyahu spoke on the new Galei Yisrael radio station on Monday, using harsh language against Hirsch: “In my opinion, he should have been buried outside the cemetery… This person took himself out of the nationhood of Israel; he is a heretic. ”

    While I dont condone many of the actions of NK ( am not a NK) I do share the Torah view that zionism is 100% avoda zarah! And there is no doubt that Rav Moshe Hirsch ZT’l was a holy man having been blessed to live to 100, see his seed flourish and die on such a holy day!

    The words above illustrate how poisonous zionism is for the yiddishe neshama… Now anyone who is opposed to the zionist state is a heretic? So the Chazon Ish ZT’l, Rav Shach ZT’l, Rav Avigdor Miller ZT’l, Rav Aharan Feldman Shlita, Rav Yitzahk Amnon Shlita, Rav Moshe Shternbuch Shlita, should all rot? Lehavdil! And what of the gadol hador Rav Elyashiv Shlita? All have said the state is treyf and that zionist is heresy and a form of avoda zara. However, unlike the radical right zionists I have never heard them say a religious zionist should rot. It is clear from the mouths of the kahanists that they are the gilgulim of the biryonim. Like the biryonim who accused Yochanan ben Zakai of being a traitor these zionists accuse great men of betraying the Jewish people. In reality it is the opposite. It is the religious zionists who have joined with heretics who dont even believe in HKBH or the Torah. It is they who have perpetuated a state founded on lies. Do they forget chazal teaches us that it is far worse for a jew to lead another to sin then it is to murder? HOw then can anyone support a movement which seeks to remove the Jew from Torah and HKBH? Like the biryonim who physically lit the flame, these religious zionists stir the flame of antisemetism by their statements. Do they forget chazal teaches us that we are like a sheep surrounded by 70 wolves? Why do we want to pick a fight with them when we are in galus and should be humbly repenting to HKBH for our sins, rather then boasting of our conquest of the land. A land which we defile, a land which by our very existance in it we prevet the coming of messiach.

    In Egypt they were only expected to reach 49 out of those 50 gates, and therefore they were only given 49 gates of understanding. If they had left early, they would have missed purifying some of those sparks. … The Chazon Ish once said to Rabbi Ahron Katzenellenboigen, “The reason Jews are so confused by the Zionist state is that the state is the 50 gates of defilement.

  8. #2 – Shalom – How can you comapre the two? Those people didn’t march with Arafat, didn’t kiss him and don’t parade around the world agreeing with those who want to destroy Israel.

  9. #1 – Proud Jew – Are you saying that I can live my life making a daily Chilul Hashem, put YOUR life in danger, make our enemies feel like they are justified in wanting YOU to die and then when I die after a life dedicated to desecrating Hashem you should have Rachmanus on me? You should be Dan me Lkaf Zchus?

    Our Chachomim (and the Mishna in Pirkei Avos) teach us how to live but not to be an idiot! Mordechai wasn’t Dan Bigson and Seresh Lcaf Zchus and through his act we were Zoche to the Geula. I shudder to think what the outcome would have been had Mordechai said to himself – eh I probably didn’t hear everything, These 2 guards are under stress so I feel bad for them or some other rationalization.

    How about the Jew who would have had photo ops with Hitler, who would have told the world hitler was right in what he was doing? Would you say that Hashem wants you to be Daan the Yid supporting hitler Lkaf Zchus?

    Come on here my friend – you are loosing it. Hirsch put all of us in jeapordy, put all of our lives in more danger and is backing the same hitlers and Hamans of our generation. You just said it by your Pesach Seder…..Shebechol dor vdor omdim olaynu lichalosaynu….we are NOT supposed to favorbly judge those who are “omdim to destroy us”

  10. I posted this on Monday. Hirsch should be treated like a traitor in all aspects of the halacha. A moser is denied burial in the Jewish fashion, as he is considered to be chayav misah, and is treated like a goy in all respects.

  11. yid served Hashem in his special way and never thought of abandoning the Torah , that this yiddishe neshama has family , friends and after all mizwes to testify for his yiddishkeit and that all he did was in his good belive that by doing this he would safe yiddishe menshen .
    there is a passuk in the gemarrah that says : one that makes someone else passul is himself passul.

  12. #14 — And what kind of rasha are you to feel the ability to pass judgement on Rav Hirsch and decide that he is a “moser”?

  13. although i dont agree with much that Rav Eliyahu says, i TOTALLY agree with him here!!
    and im sure mr hirsch wanted to be buried next to Arafat!

  14. Reb Eliyahu is correct.
    “Al Tifrosh mein Hatzibbur”……he did thru out his life and let it continue in death.

  15. Rabbi Moshe Hirsch ?”? was doing that only because he want to help’ (even its didn’t help, but he meant good)

  16. to #8-
    Where does R’ Michoel Ber ZaTza”L come in here? He met with Eichman YM”Sh who he knew clearly was a rasha merusha not to grant him legitimacy but to save Yiddishe lives (he didn’t even differentiate between frum and not). (He also didn’t proudly parade in front of cameras…) R’ Aron Kotler said he would kiss the foot of the Pope to save the pinky finger of a Yiddishe child. These Gedolim knew what they were doing. How does this compare with N.K. parading around with a man who would blow every Jew off this earth if Hashem gave him th power?? Do they also imagine they are saving lives by doing that?

  17. what has happened with Torah and yiddishkeit , what is happening with am isroel in eretz isroel ?
    yidden being forced to break shabbos , beis haknesios beeing burned , eruvim beeing broken ,non kosher restaurants opened by hilonim in jewish neighborhood , hametz beeing proudly sold on pessach , gedolim beeing insulted and their authorety beeing disputed ,gerim beeing sentenced to goyim , yiddishkeit and Torah beeing blamed for al evils and called satanik by israeli zionist ,rabbanim beeing insulted and now brainwashed zionist desguised as Daati saying that jews should not be burried in jewish cemetery if they belive that zionism is avodah sarah and that the only way to safe am israel is to make peace with the goyim and accept that we are in gallut and not like the zionim say that this state is ” the ultimate ” state and that any rabbi who doesn`t belong to medinat israel and its dubiouse rabbinut .
    what happenes with the people of shalom achshav ? they go and party and protest together with the palestinians and are the biggest friends of arafats ideology .
    the difference is that the one represents Torah and doesn`t subjugate himself to the zionim and the other are like the zinim themselves : a bunch of goyim !

  18. #14- His life activities endangered klal yisroel and constitute treason. He met with and embraced and was embraced by sworn, died-in-the wool enemies of the Jewish people. How much lower can you go?

  19. Wislicenny and Eichman were precisely looking to make a good name for themselves in the eyes of western allies. What is it if not legitimization from the side of these Yidden who served for them this way? Rabbi Weismandel who I personally consider one of the biggest of that generation, was in fact Rav of peripheral, to certain extend, town in Slovakia. He became “official” Gudol after the war.
    You perception, being result of Zionist propaganda doesn’t change the fact that Rav Hirsch Did have legitimate Heshboinos and multiple precedence for what he was doing.
    If I’m correct, wasn’t Rav Hirsch a talmid of Rav Kotler?

  20. I am in no way a supporter of NK however Rav Eliyahu is a strong believer in one of the biggest avodah Zarahs of our generation, which all of gedoley Yisroel warned against, – Zionism. It is clear that zionism endagers more jews than NK.



  22. To #30
    When it happen last time in our history that 2/3 of our nation rejected Torah?
    Who is responsible for it? Under which degel did they find shelter to call themselves Jewish and do everything against Torah, Mesora, and H himself? When it happened last time that children spit in the face of fathers in such scale? When they treated blood of ancestors spilled for the highest values as water? Are you really believe that It is OK that 1/3 are shomer Torah? So, let me tell you. There was 5/6 of the nation who in much lesser scale than Zionists went astray from the Derech. Ten shvutim, and they are somewhere behind Sambation but not on the History pages for last 2500 years. There is long list of latter catastrophes known to everyone.
    There is no half way not ¾ with H Y or we with him or Ch Sh against.
    It is obligatory to give the hand and came with love for each of our brothers, especially those lost ones. However name the matters as they are. Zionism is a Heresy. Supporting heresy is enormous Aveira and Chilul Hashem. Trying to find solution is a mitzvah.

  23. if he didnt support eretz yisrael and he actually helped put Jews in danger by his meetings with the biggest Nazis of these times, then I doubt if he should be buried in any Jewish cemetary, but leave it to a Rav. I wouldnt want that decision.


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