Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach: When The Chosson & Kallah Make An Unexpected Detour During A Chanukah Wedding


chosson_and kallahA person is supposed to light Neiros Chanuka in his home. What should a Chosson do on the night of his chasuna? Before the Chasuna when it is time to light he does not have his own home and his place is in his fathers home. However while the night is still young he gets married and is no longer part of his father’s home. Must he light in his new home that night?Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (Halichos Shlomo 2:14:14) says that since he is in his father’s home when the Zman for Hadlaka begins he should light there. However if the Chupah takes place before shkia then he is no longer part of his father’s home and cannot be yotzei in that house. In that case, after the Chupah and before the Seuda, the Chosson and Kallah should go to their new home and have a light Seuda to establish their residence. After that the Chosson should light the Menorah and they return to the wedding.

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  1. I found this, with some more details on http://www.halachaForToday.com in the Question section (question #436), figured i would share with the oilam.

    Q: If one gets married during Chanukah, where should he light the Menorah on the night of his wedding?

    A: If the Chuppah will be at night (after Tzeis HaKochavim) he should light in the same home in which he lit until now, as at the time of the lighting he was not yet married and was still part of that home.

    However, if the Chuppah was during the daytime, the Choson and kallah should go to their new apartment and eat a light meal (to establish their residency) and light the menorah in the new apartment and then return to the Chasuna hall for the duration of the wedding. (Psak of Rav Shlomo Zalmen Auerbach Zatzal and YBLC”T Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv shlita quoted in Sefer Nisuin K’Hilchasam Perek 15:60 and footnote 130.)

    If this is impossible, or difficult (e.g. the Chasan is already in the hall and is unable to go to the new apartment after the Chuppah), a Shliach (messenger) should be appointed to light on his behalf. (Psak of Rav Bentzion Abba Shaul Zatzal, ibid.)


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