Rav Shlomo Miller Forbids Quinoa as Kitniyos on Pesach



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  1. many people, like myself, cannot eat wheat nor potatoes, and have very few options on Pesach 9as well as a whol eyear, but more so on Pesach). It would be only fair to give equal posting space to the MANY poskim who allow quinoa on Pesach without a shadow of a doubt, 100% l’chatchila. Every person should consult their own Rav, but your story and headline are misleading and leave people like myself doubting the psak of my rav, which is wrong of me, and wrong of you to encourage with such a blaring story. See http://www.star-k.org/kashrus/kk-passover-quinoa.htm

  2. A lot of Ashkenazim do not follow the rulings of the Rema. Most of the shuls in my neighborhood recite Hallel in the shul on seder night and most men in my neighborhood do not wear tefillin on Chol HaMoed. Al pi din these have much greater halachic importance than kitniyot.

  3. A lot of Ashkenazim do not follow the Rema. In my neighborhood most shuls recite Hallel on seder night and most men do not put on tefillin on Chol HaMoed. These are of much greater halachic import than kitniyot.

  4. Wonderful. I’ll continue to enjoy quinoa on Pesach as a delicious, nutritious side dish, as I do nearly every shabbos and yom tov, with the approbation of my personal guidance by local rabbanim.

    Seriously, what point is there in posting this other than for clickbait???

  5. Rav Miller’s letter clearly states “Although there are other Kashrus agencies that permit it…”

    Rav Miller is making it very clear that this is HIS psak and it is not universal. If YOUR rov say asur, mutar, or something in between (e.g. b’dai,eved ok), then that’s what YOU follow.

    Nobody’s trying to fool anyone here.

  6. Funny. I was speaking to my Rav last week – a chashuve posek on the East Coast – and he specifically recommended quinoa. The general Ashkenazi minhag is to permit quinoa. Check the OU, CRC, Star-K, etc.

  7. #1 states correctly that kitiniyos is a minhag not halacha.There have been times in jewish history when jews did not have access to wheat and the rabbanim living at that time permitted kitniyos.

  8. Many additional pratim in this old article: http://ohr.edu/5390

    [21] “…Although the OU’s other main posek, Rav Herschel Schachter, permits quinoa, until recently the OU did not grant it Pesach approval out of deference to Rav Belsky’s ruling.This is what the OU released about quinoa in the past: http://oukosher.org/passover/guidelines/food-items/quinoa/:“There is a difference of opinion among Rabbinic decisors (machloket ha-poskim) as to whether quinoa is considered kitniyot. Ask your Rabbi for his guidance. Additionally, while quinoa is not one of the five grains that can create chametz (wheat, oat, barley, spelt and rye), and quinoa is not grown in the same vicinity as the grains mentioned above, the processing of quinoa is sometimes done at the same location where they process wheat and wheat flour. It is highly doubtful that the mills are effectively cleaned between grains. The concern of wheat flour or particles finding their way into the quinoa flour would be a serious one”…”

    [23] “…This does not mean that Rav Belsky has actually changed his position. In fact, this author has heard from several of his talmidim, as well as my father, renowned kashrus expert Rabbi Manish Spitz, who spoke with Rav Belsky directly, that he still personally does not recommend quinoa for Pesach use…”

    [36] “…In this author’s estimation, the point Rav Tendler was making is that there seems to be a common misconception that Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, in his oft-cited teshuva defining peanuts’ Kitniyos status (Shu”t Igros Moshe O.C. vol. 3, 63), gave a blanket hetter for any “New World” food item. In this author’s opinion, this is not entirely correct, as was mentioned previously that everyone considers corn as Kitniyos, even though it was introduced long after the Kitniyos restriction. Rather, Rav Moshe used that as a sevarah (and he was neither the first nor the only posek to do so) to explain why potatoes were not included in the restriction, as well as peanuts for those who did not have an existing minhag. Meaning, Rav Moshe held that minhag and similarity to all Kitniyos factors also play an important role in classifying Kitniyos; ergo, he did not intend to give a carte blanche hetter for every ‘new food’. As such, Rav Tendler was relating, it would seem tenuous at best to apply that teshuva as the exclusive basis to a hetter permitting quinoa for Pesach. This is also the understanding of his uncle, Rav Moshe’s son, Rav Dovid Feinstein (see Kuntress Yad Dodi pg. 119: Hilchos Pesach, Question 51) as well as Rav Moshe Dovid Tendler, Rav Moshe’s son-in-law; both whom do not recommend Ashkezaim eating quinoa on Pesach. Rav Asher Weiss (the Minchas Asher) has recently written a yet-unpublished teshuva as well, questioning a blanket hetter for every ‘New World’ food item. See http://en.tvunah.org/2014/03/23/quinoa-on-pesach/. Other well-known Rabbanim who have gone on record as considering quinoa Kitniyos include Rav Osher Yaakov Westheim of Manchester, Rav Yaakov Ariel of Ramat Gan, and Rav Yaakov Reisman of Far Rockaway…”

  9. Please note that the Rema was paskening on Kitniyos, not Quinoa. So one should not draw such a conclusion. Plus most say that we don’t have the authority to add to the list.

  10. actually Charlie, the minhag of Kitniyos is a on the level of a Derabanan (see Chayei Adam) so very chamur. Its not like the “minhag” of eating shlissel challa.
    Regarding hallel pesach by night and tefillin chol hamoed there were chilukei minhagim even by the Ashkenazim (both were dif

  11. (both were different by Chassidim) but Kitniyos is universal munhag Ashkenaz which has the chomer of a “minhag kol yisroel” as far as Ashkenazim are concerned. Sort of like the “minhag” of not marrying more than one wife.

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  13. According to all poskim a choleh, even choleh sheain bo sakanah, is allowed to have kitniyos, so it is mutar for you but doesn’t give heter for your wife and kids


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