Rav Reuven Feinstein to Visit BoysZone Today


rav-reuven-feinsteinBoysZone, the renowned boys camp in Gilboah, NY, run by Oorah Kiruv Rechokim, will have the privilege of hosting Rav Reuven Feinstein today. Rav Feinstein is the rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva of Staten Island, where Rav Chaim Mintz, the beloved founder of Oorah, serves as mashgiach ruchni. It is with great mesiras nefesh that Rav Reuven is making this trip, but he wishes to impart words of chizuk to the campers at BoysZone, who come from many different backgrounds and varying levels of religious observance, and to witness the wonderful work of Oorah, under the guidance of his close chaver, Rav Mintz.

Rav Reuven will be welcomed by Rav Mintz, as well as Rabbi Avi Davidowitz, camp director, and the staff of the camp, bnei Torah from across North America. He will then address the boys.

Rav Reuven, a son of Maran Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, is a member of the nesius of Agudath Israel of America.

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  1. It is mesiras nefesh for the rosh yeshiva shlit”a, first of all, because he hasn’t been so well over the past year for periods. It isn’t easy for him to travel. Also, Gilboah, from what I understand, is out in yehuputz, like four hours away from NY. It isn’t near anything.

  2. I agree the term “Mesiras Nefesh” used here is a bit strong! People constantly misuse the word! People misuse many words, like “Kiddush Hashem”. Every thing today is a K.H., K.H., K.H. The nature of people is to exaggerate to try to look impressive. It could be the people running Matzav are inexperienced, immature, or both!

  3. I would say thet matzav is not inexperienced opr immature but that they realize that it is takeh mesiras nefesh! Stop being so jusgmental. Just because you are not on the madreigah of the rosh yeshiva shlit”a and you don’t know his matzav.
    DOn’t mix in the misuse of kiddush hashem. That has no shaychos here. We have a rosh yeshiva here who, despite his age and condition, has decided to be mechazeiik boys in a kiuruv camp, traveling several house in a car, which isn’t easy for him. He doesn’t need it and would probably be better off staying home. But the rosh yeshiva shlit”a, as I’ve heard him say many times, knows the chashivus of what is being done. He knows how much effort goes into these boys. And he has great respect for the mashgiach, Harav Mintz.
    May Rav Rueven continue to be there for us and inspire us for many years, with good health.

  4. Hi I volunteer in Oorah’s Camp (Girl Zone). I just want to say that the work that Oorah does is incredible! Just one very small example of what we did this summer. As one of the activities in Camp, we had had what was called a “Tznius Showroom” which was followed by a “Tznius Fashion Show”. At the “Showroom” the girls we’re able to go “shopping” for stunning Tznius clothes. We are now working on opening this fashion show in brooklyn so that many of the campers don’t have to deal with the pressures; The pressure of having to tell their parents “they “wasted money on that”.
    Some girls are dealing with the financial burdain of getting a whole new wardrobe (especially when it’s family of girls that want to start dressing modestly)
    That’s why this Showroom will be stocked for ages 4 – adult.
    If anyone has clothing that is in VERY GOOD CONDITION and wants to be zoche with this beautiful mizvah please call 347-724-7605
    (The showroom will be availbale to those non affiliated with Oorah as well)

  5. “Rav Reuven, a son of Maran Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l”.

    Wow! Thank you Matzav! I would of never known that! Aah! I learn so much from your website!


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