Rav Peretz Steinberg to Retire After 56 Years in Queens


Rav Peretz Steinberg, who has served with distinction as the rov of Young Israel of Queens Valley in Queens, NY, will be retiring after 56 years in the pulpit.

Rav Shmuel Marcus, rov of Kehillas Ishei Yisroel, has been named as Rav Stenberg’s successor.

In a beautiful move, the mispallelim of Ishei Yisroel, which is now located in the basement of Yeshiva of Central Queens, will be joining Young Israel of Queens Valley.

In 1960, a small group of Yidden met in the apartment of Rubin and Rita Markowitz to discuss the viability of an Ashkenaz minyan to be rented on a monthly basis in a corner storefront on 78th Avenue and Vleigh Place.

With Max Sattinger in charge, the shul opened as Congregation Beth Israel of Queens Valley.

In 1961, when the shul officially became a branch of the National Council of Young Israel, it became known as Young Israel of Queens Valley.

When word got around that a shul would be opening in August 1960, Alex Steinberg z”l introduced the kehillah to his son, Rav Peretz Steinberg, who had recently received Yadin Yadin semicha from the gadol hador, Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l.

Alex Steinberg, a well-known baal tefillah, davened for the amud during the Yomim Noraim, while his son, Rav Steinberg, began delivering divrei Torah and serving as the baal kriah.

The small group started filling the small store front and the kehillah took over two more stores to accommodate the growing need for more space.

In 1966, an effort was made to purchase the property at the corner of Main Street and 77th Avenue.

The shul purchased the property, and by 1967 the kehillah moved into the new spacious building.

Rav Steinberg shepherded the kehillah with great devotion, serving as a rov, posek, guide and mentor to so many, while his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya, served as a role model and guide to the nshei chayil. He served as president of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens and was the initiator of the Kew Gardens Hills Eruv, the first in Queens. He was also the driving force in building the community mikvah.

Rav Steinberg was instrumental in developing and instituting the first Chevra Kadisha in Queens and has been a major influence in the area of kashrus.

Rav Steinberg was involved in starting the shul’s Gemilas Chesed Fund in 1966.

For many years, Rav Steinberg has been a dayan on a bais din overseeing the proceedings of gitten and other issues. He’s also the co-chairman of Agudath Israel’s Beis Din.

There are many other undertakings that Rav Steinberg is active in. One that particularly gives him a great deal of satisfaction is the kollel he started in the shul back in 1981. The kollel has attracted many baale batim, whose sedorim take place in the late afternoon. In addition, his son, Rabbi Binyomin Steinberg, is the maggid shiur of a Daf Yomi shiur in the evening hours at the shul.

Rav Steinberg has written eight volumes of seforim titled Pri Etz Hachaim.

“The uniqueness of Rav Steinberg is his warmth and outgoing personality,” a mispallel told Matzav.com. “He has extended himself to all elements of the community.”

Rav Peretz and his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya, are the parents of Rabbi Binyomin Steinberg, Mrs. Ruchie Schechter, Rabbi Eliyahu Steinberg and Mrs. Yocheved Davis of Chicago.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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