Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel Heads to U.S. as the Mir Faces $15 Million Deficit


rav-nosson-tzvi-finkelThe beloved rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Mir-Yerushalayim, Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel, will be heading this week on a ten-day visit to the United States as the yeshiva faces an unprecedented financial crunch.

Due to the world economic situation, Yeshivas Mir-Yerushalayim finds itself with debts of $15 million.

Rav Finkel will attend asifos in Brooklyn, Monsey and Lakewood, and elsewhere, where talmidim, parents and friend will gather to assist the rosh yeshiva and be inspired by him as he seeks to carry the yeshiva of 5,000 talmidim.

The rosh yeshiva recently wrote an exceptionally personal letter to all alumni and parents of the yeshiva to assist in light of the financial distress.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. It’s so sad that mosdos haTorah are so sufferring! HaShem is the Kol Yachol! We need the Yeshua that only He can send!
    Zoll mir zoiche zyne

  2. Its very sad that the rosh yeshivah has to come to america in order to get $. We need to have rachmonos on the yeshivah and help!!

  3. #3, it is sad that the mosdos are suffering, but it is also sad that someone of the ROsh Yeshiva’s stature (and physical infirmities) has to take care of the fund raising.

  4. And here I thought my lack of housing and food was a problem. It is imperative that those who make use of the wonderful Mirrer yeshiva have first obligation to fund and support it. People are hurting everywhere. It’s the economy, stupid and no one was left behind.

  5. The Rosh Yeshiva Shlit”a is one of the gedolei hador just to see him in Yeshiva by shachris every morning and the rest of the day and of course all the shiurim one can get a tremendous amount of chizuk!!

    I learn in the Mir and the Rosh Yeshiva was very sad that he had to cut down on food because of a lack of money.

    We the yungerlyit have not been paid in a few months

    Donations can be sent to: Yeshivas Mir Yerushulaim Rechov beis Yisroel 3 Jerusalem Israel

  6. if anyone didn’t understand what a $15 million deficit means, I can explain.
    I learn in Mir, and our stipend is 5 months behind.
    We desperately need help!

  7. If only 300 people could commit to collecting 50,000 dollars for yeshivas Mir then we can save the Rosh yeshiva from the tircha of collecting.

  8. there are jews outside brooklyn monsey and lakewood. anyone know if the rosh hayeshiva is coming to chicago and if so, when?

  9. Mir is an extraordinarily large yeshiva. Proportionally, considering the expenses involved in maintaining it, $15 million isn’t so much money.

  10. Wishes for hatzlacha rabba.

    There is no simple solution. Most tri-state yeshivos are a few months behind in rebbes/morahs salaries. Heads of families are unemployed. Yeshivos are closing and downsizing while classes get bigger and bigger. Tuitions are soaring and forget about medical care (outrageous).

    Hard times and past gevirim are supporting children in learning and as klei kodesh. Fund raising is not what it used to be.

  11. #7, this is #3’s response to your comment!
    how right you are! It is especially sad to see the venerated R’ Nosson Tzvi, who suffers from advanced Parkinsons disease, struggle to come to raise money for the Yeshiva. In reality, it is other people’s children for whom he has to raise the funds! I wasn’t ignoring that fact! It is so sad to observe him suffer as he does – I was just merely addressing the area of mosdos in general. It is OUR children! OUR money isn’t enough to cover the costs of OUR choldren’s education! The whole parsha is troublesome! But thank you #7 for pointing it out! As you can see I’m young & stupid!

  12. The rosh yeshiva is making his first ever visit to Baltimore, and teh whole city is massivelky energized.
    Its starnge that according to Matzav, Baltimore falls under ‘elsewhere’. Its the largest frum community in US outside of tri-state.

  13. How about writing a letter to Michael Dell and Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks basketball team), both Jewish billionaires. Maybe someone could light their Jewish spark. Better even, invite them to visit Mir and introduce them to learning. Maybe far-fetched but $15 million is desperation time and nothing should be dismissed.


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