Rav Metzger: Learn Mishnayos L’illui Nishmas Assaf Ramon


rabbi-metzgerChief Rabbi of Israel Rav Yona Metzger, following the tragic death yesterday of Captain Asaf Ramon, called on all Jews to learn a Mishnah l’illui nishmas Asaf ben Ilan.

“A son followed the path of his father and asked to give his life for his people and country, and was killed in a horrible manner,” said Rav Metzger. “He is a korban tzibbur. The Ramon family has suffered twice and it is up to us to all make a cheshbon hanefesh and correct our ways.”

A son of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, who was killed in the Columbia shuttle crash six years ago, Assaf was killed yesterday when his plane crashed in southern Israel.

Assaf will be laid to rest today next to his father, at 4 p.m., at the military cemetery in Moshav Nahalal.

Assaf, who graduated with honors from the pilot course two and a half months ago, took off alone from his base in an F-16 fighter plane. At one point, with the plane cruising at 18 thousand feet, other pilots noticed something was wrong with the plane and called to Assaf, who did not respond.

Air Force officials say Assaf blacked out and apparently lost consciousness while in the cockpit. The plane then began its downward spiral toward the ground and crashed.

May his memory be a blessing.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. to ME

    idiotic comment!! no one said one is less than the other but this family had 2 tragedies and this youg man died while serving his country and thus has a higher profile than people who die daily and who do not make the news

  2. In other news, R’ Metzger called on all jews to say tehilim for the self-absorbed, egotistical commenter who goes by the name ME so that a brain may begin to sprout.

  3. It is possible that fewer people in the Ramon circle will be learning than in that of the nifteres. It is also a recognition of the importance of Assaf’s service and probably appreciated by Israelis of all stripes.

    It is also possible that Rabbi Metzger had divrei chizuk for the woman’s family that just didn’t make it to the headlines.

  4. ME: Could you have not figured this out on your own? clueless to klal yisroel?
    A mother with 10 children, many siblings and husband involved with a yeshiva, there is an assumption that there are many to learn mishnayios leilu nishmas.

  5. the commenter is clueless. besides that the ramons wont have as many ppl davening as the mother’s family, Ramon was being moser nefesh to protect ganz klal yisroel, and THAT is why he deserves our learning and tefilos.


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