Rav Levanon: Death Penalty for Killers of Arab Boy


rav-elyakim-levanonRav Elyakim Levanon, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Elon Moreh, said tonight that the murderers of Mohammed Abu Khder should be given the death penalty, even if they turn out to be Jewish.

“Unfortunately it appears that Jews were involved in this matter,” Rav Levanon said to his talmidim tonight, according to Arutz Sheva. “Halacha has no mercy for the perpetrators of crimes like murder, whether of Arab or Jew, whether by Arab or Jew.”

“In this case, it would be proper to impose the death penalty on the murders of Abu Khder,” Rav Levanon said. “We will thus fulfill the precept of ‘Ubiarta hara mikirbecha – You shall remove the evil from your midst,’ a Biblical command. Israel and its army and security services, are required to fight terror mercilessly, until it is removed from the world,” he added.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Aha, ok. And what about the killers of the 3 Yeshiva boys? He doesn’t say anything about they getting the death penalty.

  2. Shomron Chief Rabbi HaGaon HaRav Elyakim Levanon Shlita attacked the government, stating “it does not have a right to exist. The rav made his remarks during a kenos of senior dati leumi community rabbonim on Thursday, 11 Adar II in Bayit Vegan Yerushalayim. The rabbonim discussed matters of religion and the State of Israel. The kenos was opened by HaGaon HaRav Dov Lior Shlita, who called on MKs not to cooperate and to fight against the newly amended bills. He added “We are witness to rocket attacks that include laws that are more inclined to impair the status of the Rabbanut and the religious character of the state”. Rosh Yeshivat Har HaMor HaGaon HaRav Mordechai Sternberg Shlita spoke harshly against the legislation in Knesset. “There is a Torah in Israel and there is a Rabbanut. There cannot be any other religious legislation under any circumstances. The Ministry of Religious Services is subordinate to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and not the other way around. One does not consult with rabbis but one asks [what to do].” Rav Levanon decided to address the giyur bill. “The party capable of passing the giyur bull into law has no right to exist and the Bayit Yehudi Party must leave the coalition. I the interim, we must awaken and fight to apply the brakes to stop these civil laws and to push the Knesset to sop the processes. I call to stop these draconian civil laws.” – See

  3. If the reports should sadly be confirmed, it is terrible beyond words. But really did the perpetrators achieve their disgusting resolve in a vacuum? And by the way, how and why was it possible to tolerate incitement just after the funerals? How hypocrite to suggest the death penalty after the fact – are we not supposed to give warning before the fact?

    To clarify, I have no sympathy at all for those despicable people (people?) should it be confirmed they are heartless and coward murderers. They are also rodfim who are putting at risk the very life of every yid, even outside Israel. I consider them rotten people who used their free will to rationalize a heinous and dishumanly cruel crime. I would not condamn them to death, but surely would not miss them after they are gone. But it did not happen in a vacuum that some people were allowed to feel righteous while beating Arab storekeepers and passers-by, inciting each others to fantasize about revenge, and in the meantime all of this was brewing up. This can’t be blamed exclusively upon a few evil people who are deserving of death.

  4. At the very least, these murders should be put in a holding cell where they do not even have a cot. Give them a dog mat and let them lie in the midst of their lost voice and last value of hate. Disgusting upon hated disgust.

  5. I think they are rodfim, that the halacha states that nitan lehatzilo bnafsho. Although once they are locked up, they are no longer rodfim. But they were!!

  6. A melech has the right to kill if it is deemed neccessary for the proper functioning of society.A melech can kill the perpertrator of a gruesome murder without eidim and hasrih and even if the victim is an akum. The law of melech and horas shoa applies even bzman hazeh,

  7. i was unaware that that was the halachic ruling in such a case- unless its because they are bringing harm unto others so they need to be killed
    but wouldnt prison for life do the same

  8. Are all these reports really true.? So far I’m yet to read an official report from the police. It seems all is heresay started by the Haeretz paper who decided to act as ???, and ???? and report what they thought happened. Just because all the news agency’s picked it up doesn’ t mean anything.

  9. why should Jewish boys be punished more harshly than Arabs who do the same?

    there is no death penalty in Israel for terrorists, although I feel that there should be, so why demand a punishment that is unfair?

  10. I find it hard to believe that Jews did this. Arabs deface their mosques, blame Jews and months after it is revealed that Arabs did it.
    How many times do these tactics have to be used for us to catch on to this unfortunately effective distortion of reality.

  11. If we enact the chiyuv missoh for rotschim,then we will have to do likewise for mechallelei Shabbos,for those oiver on loy sinof….unfortunately we will be quite busy with being mekayem missas beis din,that we’ll have little time for anything else.Should we not just leave it up to HASHEM as to how to deal with these perpetrators ?

  12. This arab that was killed was not inocent at all. He posted on the face book 3 finger solute celebrating kidnaping and killing of the 3 Jewish tens HY”D.

  13. There’s no death penalty per se for killing an akum, but the malchus (melech, sanhedrin, nasi, etc.) can institute whatever system it wants. Moired bemalchus=capital offense.

  14. these are just like the sikrikim
    they took justice in their hands
    and burned all the food in yerushalayim
    causing the churban
    people do not learn from history
    rachmana litzlan

  15. So many of these comments are so predictable.

    I do not say that I necessarily agree with this decision.
    However, we do find in the days of Shaul and Dovid that klal yisroel issued a death sentence in order to mitigate the chilul hashem that was caused by the jewish side.

    Hence, this would be an appropriate time to excercise such measures for the perepetrators of this heinous NON-JEWISH atrocity. They lack the jewish midah of rachmanim.


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