Rav Gershon Edelstein On Chizuk for Shavuos: “Not To Become Angry”



    • That’s being totally disrespectful to the great gadol rosh yeshivas ohel kidoshim שליט”א, even if he says interesting stuff that we don’t begin to understand like this one about. ענין כעס אצל הר סיני he’s still a gadol and a rosh yeshiva of the famous ohel kidoshim yeshiva in bnei brak.

  1. With all due respect for the honorable rosh yeshiva of ohel kedoshim shlit”a I don’t begin to understand the connection, of getting angry?? To shvuos?

  2. Thanks for bringing us this chizuk!! From the great gaon rav yerachmiel gershon eidelstien shlit”e rosh yeshiva of ohel kidoshim.


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