Rav Forchheimer: Residents May Leave Radio On Due to Hurricane Danger


rav-forchheimerMatzav.com Hurricane Coverage: Lakewood, NJ – Rav Yaakov Forchheimer, senior posek at Beth Medrash Govoha, has ruled that local residents may leave their radios on and tuned to Radio Kol Berama, 107.9 on the FM dial, due to the impending Hurricane Irene, scheduled to hit the Jersey Shore over Shabbos and Sunday.

Matzav.com has been told by the radio station that there will be no programming on-air over Shabbos unless there is an emergency, in which case directions and warnings will be provided. Local officials and police personnel will be in touch with the radio operators should the need arise.

It has been recommended that the radio be left in a room away from people so as to avoid unnecessary chillul Shabbos or disturbances.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. To avoid disturbances? The only disturbance will be if there’s an emergency – and then it’s not a disturbance, it might be saving your life!

  2. Every action has a reaction. These weeks of Bitul Torah have an effect. Call it Bein Hazemanim, call it what you want, the reduced Torah learning has an effect. Aveiroh Goreres Aveiroh. Now we are told to keep our radios on over Shabbos!

  3. everyone stop commenting on every detail of everyones article or comment in an article. The rav gave his psak and enough, no comments necessary!

  4. if klal yisroel had only started doing teshuva when 7 tzaddikim left this world in a matter of 5 WEEKS & gotten the message from Hashem.
    we would not need an earthquake & a hurricane to bring us to teshuva

    START DOING TESHUVA NOW BEFORE MORE TRAGEDY STRIKES R”L its up to all of us to prevent more tzaros from happening. we are causing it to ourselves & giving Hashem no choice.

    Hashem loves every single yid-tzaddik or russia alike-& is waiting for our teshuva to begin.

  5. whats the matter with everyone.This is a psak halacha by one of the biggest poskim . this is a matter of pikuach nefesh.
    and to all those wondering ,whats better about 107.9 is that theres no broadcasts all day and only mutter pikuach

  6. Last week I forgot to turn my radio off for shabbos. I was afraid I would forget again, so I davened for a hurricane. Baruch Hashem, my prayers were answered and I was not mechalel shabbos this week.


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