Rav Fisher Welcomes Back to His Shul With Singing and Dancing


rav-moshe-yitzchok-fisherRav Moshe Yitzchok Fisher, rov of Khal Bais Yeshaya and rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Derech Hatalmud in Flatbush, returned home this past Erev Shabbos following a prolonged hospital and rehabilitation stay due to a brain injury suffered right after Sukkos.

As reported on Matzav.com, which has shared the rov‘s progress with our readers over the past five months, Rav Fisher had been at Lutheran Hospital before being transferred to the Mount Sinai Hospital Rehab facility.

Back in November, family and talmidim were overjoyed when Rav Fisher, was first able to open his eyes and move his arms and legs. As we reported then, when his son-in-law sang him his favorite zemer, “Kah Echsof,” he was asked to smile and he did.

The family was very encouraged and had great hakoras hatov to the tzibbur for all their tefillos.

Now, about three months later, it was pure simcha experienced by the rov‘s kehillah when he appeared in shul this past Friday night. Following Lecha Dodi, a spontaneous rekidah broke out, with the mispallelim singing from their hearts, expressing shevach vehodaah to the Ribono Shel Olam for His kindness.

Rav Fisher was again greeted with singing and dancing when he returned to his talmidim in yeshiva this week.

A seudas hodaah is planned for after Pesach when the rov, Rav Moshe Yitzchok ben Serel, is expected to
have a full recovery.

Boruch Rofeh Cholim.

{Casriel Bauman-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The Rov infuses a sincere warmth of Ahavas Hashem and Ahavas Hatorah to all who come in to his daled Amos. Boruch Rofeh Cholim. May we continue to see yeshuas Hashem in all areas.


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