Rav Feldman: Lipman is a “Shanah Upirush” and “Rasha”


aharon-feldman[Audio below.] Yesterday, Matzav.com reported that MK Dov Lipman, who is a graduate of Yeshiva Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, has been called out for distorting the views of his rebbi, Rav Yaakov Weinberg zt”l, on various matters.

We reported that Rav Aharon Feldman, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel, said, “The views expressed by MK Dov Lipman do not represent the views or the education of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel. Furthermore, the statements attributed to our former rosh hayeshiva, Rav Yaakov Weinberg zt”l, were taken out of context and misrepresent his opinion.”

In response to the avalanche of correspondence we have received, we present the following audio in which Rav Feldman discusses Lipman’s efforts, referring to him as “one of our former talmidim” and describing him as a “shanah upirush” and a “rasha,” among other remarks.

Click here to listen.

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  1. It is difficult to verbalize and understand the hashkafas of the Rabbanim and RY who are deceased zt”l.

  2. Thank you Rabbi Feldman.
    If you are a media kool-aid drinker, you will see lipman as a clean-cut American boy who is Leshem Shomayim, but this is far from the truth.Those of us who know something about Lipman’s background, as do I, know that he has a history of making a name of himself by backstabbing the establishment. There is more to be said, but I will leave it at that.

  3. Why hasn’t anyone revoked Lipman’s semicha? When one receives semicha from NY, they make you sign a document saying that if you do anything contrary to the yeshiva’s hashkafos, they can take away your semicha. They have actually done this a few times, the most recent in the case of a recalcitrant husband who refused to give his wife a get.

    Lipman is far from charedi, but his claim to fame is true- that he has semicha from a charedi yeshiva. If NY would pull that semicha, it would take the wind out of his sails…..

  4. Thank You for posting this.
    The Other Side has very effective p.r. while our side has been publicly silent–until now.

  5. From my understanding of the situation, Rabbi MK Lipman advoactes exactly the same thing that is practiced in virtually every yeshiva ketana in America (outside of the Chassidish velt): a basic level of limudei chol that enables students to be educated enough to earn a living and support their future families.

  6. Now e’re gonna hear all the self-reightous” people accuse of Matzav of lashon hara
    You know it!

    Sudden;ly they will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO makpid, even though there is no lashon hara with sucha guy. learn the halachos

  7. It is really a mishnah in Yoma 38a . Ben Kamztar didn`t want to teach the maaseh hakesav and on him it was said Shem Reshaim Yirkav. Imagine what Chazal would have chosen for someone who wants to close down yeshivos for not accepting their personal weltanschauung!

  8. We will stand with the gedolim! No matter what others say! Matzav!!!!!!! Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!Matzav!!!!!!!

  9. SB this is not lashon hara! This is a cry of protest against someone who is trying to uproot Torah! Don’t you understand? This is Haskalah 2.0. Only worse, because they have political power…

  10. In general, people in the US have no idea what’s going on here.

    Don’t believe the hysterics coming out of the media.

  11. Lipman is very smooth and a good talker, but I have spent some time with him and was NOT impressed with his fear of heaven. Name one chareid Rov who backs him?

  12. The fact that he & Piron joined with the son of a goy, Lapid, shows they left the correct path a while ago. Their kissing up to Reshaim will only backfire in this world & the next! Lipmann should stick to sweeping the streets.

  13. Boruch Hashem we have gedolim who aren’t scared to call a spade a spade.
    And bH we have a Matzav to report it! Kol Hakavod!

  14. Tha laws of lashon hara has been misused to protect all kind of anti Torah rebellion.

    If the Chofetz Chayim would be alive today he would certainly be accused of speaking Lashon Hara against all enemies Torah. The lwas of lashon hara should not be used to protect those that collectively bring upon us an distorted view of the Torah. Rabbi Feldman Shlita is a godol b’torah and a Yirei Shomayim. He has the responsability to defend official the position of the Yeshiva Ner Yisroel.

  15. R. Dov Lipman is a friend and neighbor. I know him personally, including from before he got involved in politics. I know him from when no one else was helping us deal with the screaming wackos who live across the street from us harassing and terrifying our daughters on the way home from school. (Mine included.) R. Lipman was the ish when no one else was. I have no problem with disagreeing with him, or clarifying that he doesn’t represent Ner Yisrael, or even arguing about what the Rosh Yeshiva zatzal meant/said.

  16. Another smear job in a supposedly Jewish newspaper. Dov Lipman is an exemplary person and deserves respect, not this hatchet job.

  17. to # 12
    this far from l.hora. please do you/us a favor & relearn the halachos well.
    & then be tested by a rav.

  18. @ #12

    Whats truly despicable is that you have the Azus to accuse anyone here of Lashon Hara.

    Shame on you


    It is so, so unfortunate that Rav Yaakov is being dragged into the Lipman mess.

    I was very close to Rav Yaakov. He was open-minded, and not party line. Unlike many Rabbanim, you never knew what he would hold about an issue until you asked him and heard his answer. Yes, he had disagreements with Rav Svei, and Rav Elya seems to have kept him off the Moetzes as a result, but Rav Yaakov in no way, shape, or form ever espoused MO views. Though not on the Agudah Moetzes, Rav Yaakov was an active member and big influence in the Torah U’Mesorah Rabbinic Board and a tremendous force at their conventions. Talmidim from other yeshivos always flocked to him at the convention when they heard the emes and force of his chiddushim and guidance.

    I once asked Rav Yaakov what I should do to help him in his disagreement with Rav Elya Svei. Rav Yaakov said no one should do anything because Rav Elya means it all l’shem Shamayim.

    One thing that Lipman for sure missed in being in Ner Yisrael and listening to Rav Yaakov was ASEH LECHA RAV. Rav Yaakov talked about that constantly. Lipman is doing all of his controversial moves without any Rebbe guiding him. In fact, he dissed such a concept in a recent interview. He said he doesn’t have to ask a Rav in these areas of his life. He doesn’t care that ALL Gedolim are against him.

    In the mid 90’s, Rav Yaakov once went to Eretz Yisrael, spent a couple of hours there, and then flew right back. His purpose? He was on the verge of possibly making a controversial decision and he went to ask Rav Elyashiv. Rav Elyashiv told him not to do it, and Rav Yaakov listened.

    Rav Yaakov constantly spoke about asking and listening to Daas Torah. Lipman recently trashed the concept of Daas Torah in a published interview that you can see on line.

    Rav Yaakov was a creative and open minded thinker. He had many new ideas. But he always asked Daas Torah before going through with any of them.

    The last Rav which Lipman had, Rav Avishai David, in RBS, recently publicly denounced Lipman’s stances and actions.

    This is the main problem with Lipman. He has no Rav and he doesn’t care to have one.

  20. A prerequisite to having a kabbalas haTorah on Shavuos is achdus amongst klal yisrael….so sad that Lipman has redefined the Torah and caused such division.
    Lipman will be held to account for this!

  21. To #26

    The Knicks and their stupid fans, are overrated & going nowhere! Get with the program! Maybe you losers should hire Lipmann to play “foward”. Ha ha

  22. This is all interesting but irrelevant. Anyone who would actually think that any gedolim would agree with Lipman doesn’t actually care what the gedolim think anyway. So the only people taken in by Lipman would have followed him regardless.

  23. James Jones:

    Where do you get your information from?

    B/c it’s not true. Rabbi Avishai David doesn’t necessarily support him but he did not publicly denounce him either. (Aside from the fact that they don’t live in RBS.)

    And he definitely didn’t call him derogatory names.

  24. AS a Beit Shemesh resident I have been following Dov Lipman’s antics for the past few years. He is a rodef kol davar shebekdusha, continually harassing the chareidi public in RBS/BS by besmirching all chareidim as being kanaoim and supporting the kanaoim -(despite his claims to the contrary – his actions speak louder than words). To this end he was involved for the past few years in efforts by the Dati Leumi community to lobby the courts to prevent the development and expansion of chareidi communities in Ramat Bet Shemesh and Bet Shemesh by claiming falsely that the city is building exclusively for chareidim and extremists. This is all documented and has been going on for years. Then he jumped on the Orot Banot story and was involved in hiring a left wing media firm to launch an anti-charedi campaign over the issue of “Hadarat Nashim” – which went on last year for over a month and resulted in police brutality against chareidim in Beit Shemesh as well as individual chareidim being physically attacked all over the country for being “discriminatory” against women.He never expressed any remorse for his part in perpetuating a negative campaign/blood libel against the chareidi tzibbur as a whole and the harm it did. But rather took pride in what he did. Then he joined Lapid (who owed him for helping launch his political career by breaking the Orot story on his TV show – which by the way was broadcast on Shabbos- but apparently chilull shabbos isn’t one of Dov’s concerns -only bashing chareidim is) to run for Knesset. He has publicly supported lowering the halachik standards for conversions(according to him it is enough to serve in the IDF),supports public busing on shabbos in chiloni neighborhoods, supports the right of the Reform “women at the wall” to conduct Reform services at the Kosel and even claimed in the Knesset that the Kosel isn’t considered an Orthodox shul. He suggested Yeshiva students should become street sweepers, and has no respect for Gedolai Yisroel. He is as the Rosh Yeshiva stated a shana upiresh.An Apikores – as the gemara (Sanhedrin Daf 99b) states about one who says “mai ahani lan rabanan” and according to the Rambam (Hilchos Teshuva perek gimmel halacha ches)that “Hamackish Maggideha” is an Apikores. He might be a nice guy but he is completely krum and dosn’t represent mainstream orthodoxy – let alone chareidim or Ner Yisroel.

  25. The most glaring part of his essay in jpost April 23, 2012 is that he himself writes how he disagreed with his rabbeim in NER YISROEL

    When he was learning there we are talking about Reb Yaakov Weinberg and all the other rabbeim.


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