Rav Elyashiv to Attend Yerushalayim Rally for Emmanuel Parents Going to Jail


rav-elyashiv2Just hours remain before the imminent two-week imprisonment of 43 chareidi couples from Emmanuel, mainly Slonimer chassidim, who refuse to follow an undemocratic High Court of Justice’s order to return their daughters to the local Beis Yaakov school, whose religious standards are not consistent with their own.

A massive rally will take place in the Romema neighborhood of Yerushalayim at 1:30 p.m. today. Maran Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, who rarely leaves his home at age 100, has said he will attend.

A huge crowd of tens of thousands is expected.

Rav Elyashiv has also said in a rare decision that all yeshiva bochurim and kollel avreichim should participate in today’s rally.

A smaller protest will take place in Bnei Brak, though the Emmanuel parents are expected to be at the Yerushalayim rally, after which they will walk, accompanied by much of the crowd, to the Russian Compound. From there, the men will be taken to Ma’asiyahu Prison, while the women will be taken to the Neveh Tirza Prison.

“We will enter prison happily, since by doing so we will be sanctifying the name of Hashem publicly,” Rav Avraham Luria, a Slonimer chossid facing prison time, said. “These are historic moments that will be studied by future generations.”

It is still unclear what the Emmanuel kehillah will do about the children who parents will be incarcerated. According to reports, there is a chance that the parents will bring their children with them to the Russian Compound.

“I’m shocked by the fact that they [Yoav Lalom and Noar Kahalacha, who instigated the Emmanuel affair] went to court,” said Chacham Ovadia Yosef on Wednesday, referring to the original petition against the splitting of the Emmanuel school. “It’s not something that is done.” Shas Party Chairman Eli Yishai expressed his shock in the upcoming weekend’s Yom Leyom over the court’s decision to imprison dozens.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in his first public comments on the situation in Emmanuel, called for restraint at a time when Israel was facing “existential dangers.”

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. The fact that all the Gedolei Hador shlita are participating in this hafgonoh is a clor rayoh that this issue is not about racism. It’s about chinuch and the rights of the parents to choose.

    Look at what HaRav Ovadyah Yosef was quoted saying here.

    Yoav Lalum y”s has no standing. The shmendrik doesn’t even live in Emmanuel. He should meet the same end as his namesake, bimheyroh v’yomeinu.

    The Israeli court had no authority to rule on the issue. The case should never have been heard.

    The Chassidishe parents from Emmanual who weren’t happy with the matzav in their yishuv sent their children to acceptable schools in Bnei Brak, but the Israeli government told them they are not allowed. Instead, the court will jail these parents for not submitting to the will of the medina, may it speedily be wiped out of existence and may the rule of Torah be instituted throughout the world omain selah.

    This is about the Israelis interfering in Yiddishe chinuch. It’s an unacceptable situation no from Yidden can tolerate.

    Don’t be confused by the Israeli shakronim.

  2. Somehow for some reason, when the non God-caring attack the God-caring, the world hates us more. (These are not my words. It is a Reb Elchonon in Koveitz Ma’amarim)

  3. Why are you saying mainly slonimer chassidim. Before you write something check your info. 14 out of the 44 parents are sefardim. That is almost 32 percent.

  4. Bibi – the biggest existential threat is expecting religious Jews to defy their spritual leaders by listening to the secular court. Stopping funding for kollel families is also an existential threat, further minimizing the the Medina’s share in zechus haTorah. This endangers the lives of all Jews yoshvei Tzion. This seems to be the direction Hashem is leading us towards Moshiach. First the Zionists will lose any zechus kiyum, our enemies from without will then have the ability to vanquish Israel and Moshiach will arrive. The question is, who will remain alive to see the yeshua?!

  5. #4 waiting for Moshiach – The secular funding of kollel families is not necessary. Remember, the torah requires hishtadlus so that is all they have to do and hashem will take care of the rest.

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