Rav Eliyahu Schlesinger Speaks Out About Rov Who Was Mevazeh Rav Shteinman and Called Him “Amaleik”


rav-aharon-leib-shteinmanYerushalayim – On Yom Ha’atzmaut, a rov, in a drasha, issued an unprecedented and inexcusable attack on the gadol hador, Maran Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman, with regard to the approach of the Torah community in dealing with the secular Israeli government.

Matzav.com‘s readers will forgive us for publishing these hideous remarks about Maran Harav Shteinman, but we do so in pain and to report the outrage expressed by the Torah world.

“Who is to blame? Their leaders,” said the rov. “In Bnei Brak sits and instigator and inciter and some ignorant and empty people come along and make him gadol hador. Who made him gadol hador? Several journalists. He is an instigator and an inciter. He maintains ‘asher karcha,’ just like Amaleik. There are some erliche roshei yeshivos who want to fight against conscription of yeshiva bochurim. They stand by and are silenced, so they are quiet. They threaten them. He is a real ‘asher karcha,’ he is a spark of true Amaleik, and he is yet a gadol hador as well… If they would not take money [from the government], the decree would not have been enacted.”

Following these disgusting comments, which caused outrage in the chareidi community, rabbonim and roshei yeshiva issued a forceful and unequivocal demand that the comments be repudiated, saying that a public renouncement of the harsh words must be forthcoming from those associated with this rov.

Rav Eliyahu Schlesinger, rov of the Gilo neighborhood and a noted posek in Yerushalayim, said, “I’m shocked by these words [about Rav Shteinman]. More than us fearing what was said is that the one who said these things has to be afraid and ask forgiveness for the things said against the gadol hador, the one whom Rav Chaim Kanievsky has crowned as such. I am confident that the rov who spoke out does not represent the opinion of [those he is associated with]. He represents only a group of bigots who are out there.”

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  1. “Matzav.com’s readers will forgive us for publishing these hideous remarks about Maran Harav Shteinman, but we do so in pain and to report the outrage expressed by the Torah world.”
    I understand how you feel, and that you want to express rightful pain and outrage, but did you ask a halachic authority whether it was permissible and advisable to print these words?
    If you didn’t, please do so. And if you are told that it is not the right thing to print these words, please remove this post from the website.

  2. Its disgusting what the rav said. He does not deserve to be a rav or be seen in any yiddishe neighborhood!! he should be put in cherem for succh remarks!!!

  3. We in the yeshiva world are the only ones to blame, the body with which this Rav is associated has only been able to maintain legitimacy because of the blind support of the yeshiva world of their hechsher, now its coming back to haunt us.
    Who says hkb”h needs it when its built on bizoyon of gedolie Yisroel…

  4. #5

    a)Rav Ovadia, shlita, is just a little different than some one who has no clue what he is talking about

    b)Rav Shteinman, shlita, who Rav Chaim, shlita, said is the gadol hador (not journalists) is also different than the anti-chareidi naftali bennet

  5. Thank you Matzav for standing up.
    Maybe the ROV is right.
    Maybe he is the godol hador?
    I don’t understand?

  6. I live here, am part of the chardal community and never heard of this. Please know that this is NOT a view being expressed or endorsed or even known about in the Israeli dating leumi or chardali communities. You don’t hear an outcry against this because nobody has even heard about it.

  7. The gudol hador was shamed I am moche
    And I have rachmunis on this so called ruv talking against the gudol hador. A few people did the same thing to Reb Elyashiv zatsal. And they didn’t live out that year. This is fire, it’s dangerous territory

  8. Silly man they should chuck this foolish man who made these remarks and tell him to control himself and his mouth And teach them to respect great people of his generation.

  9. Walk in to certain shuls they have this ravs words proudly hanging.
    We must stop giving them a free ride on our backs.
    Its one thing to have a different shita but to say a godol is amalek thats already past ALL red lines.


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