Rav Druckman: I’ve Signed 50,000 Conversions


rabbi-chaim-druckmanIsraeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met today with Rabbi Chaim Druckman to thank him for the eight years in which he has headed the State Conversion Array, which handles cases of geirus. The meeting between the Prime Minister and Rabbi Druckman, who is the head of the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva Center and head of Or Etzion Hesder Yeshiva, was held in Netanyahu’s bureau.

The Prime Minister thanked Rabbi Druckman, stating, “You helped create the Array for the olim from the Commonwealth of Independent States, from Ethiopia, and for IDF soldiers as well,” he said. “You stood fast in all the crises, in order to bring back the lost sons.”

Rabbi Druckman stated that in the course of his term, he has signed about 50,000 conversion certificates.

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  1. Caused a very serious situation. Conversions cannot be done by the ‘dozen’. These were obviously “politicall” motivated conversions.

  2. Rav Druckman is a sincere Talmid Hacham who knows Halacha and knows the reality of what is going in Eretz Yisrael… I trust in his conversions 1000000% ….ppl should learn about the great person before criticizing what he does…

  3. #8, you can be a great person, but a person nevertheless. You, or him, are not greater than Hashem. Hashem decides what is Jewish and what constitutes a proper conversion. A human being trying to “save” Hashem by running contrary to His will, is wrong. Very wrong – great intentions notwithstanding.

  4. And how many were Yidden who simply didn’t have the necessary documentation (proof) of being Jewish required for a marriage?

  5. If you look at Shulchan Aruch there is nothing wrong with what he does – there is more politics in the ideas of the “machmirim” in inyanei giyur, who often make up “chumros” in geirus without any mekor because of their racism. Any properly done geirus on an adult is chal as long as someone believes the Torah is true. Even if someone doesnt plan to keep it, but they are mekabel upon themselves that they are now mechuyav to do so an will receive an onesh if they dont keep it. A ger katan is a different matter as it requires “zuchin lo” as it must be a zchus for him for the giyur to be chal. However, although by an adult the giyur is chal, there are different opinions as to if the beis din is oiver on “lifnei iver” by making such a giyur – this is the achrayus the beis din must take.

  6. As we don’t know what the exact circumstances are of the geirus, why don’t we have to be dan lkaf zchus a Talmid Chacham? I’ve heard his shiur, he’s a Talmid Chacham.

  7. Dear “KavodL’Rav”

    Whilst he may know Halacha, he clearly doesnt practice it…is it at all possible for him to have been as involved as is required of a rav supervising conversions in all 50,000 of them? Judaism is about serving Hashem not about politics.

  8. I believe that all the nay sayers need to check their own lineages before casting aspersions on someone else. Usually people do that so that they don’t have to look into the skeletons waiting in their own closets.

  9. #11,

    please provide the exact location of your quote in the Shulchan Aruch. It seems to be a fictitious quote. Kabalas Hamitzvos is a prerequisite.

    You accuse those adherent to Hashem’s Will (i.e. Halacha) to acted based upon politics. On the contrary, those purposely violating halacha with these “conversions” are, admittedly, politically motivated.

  10. His geirus is a joke. I personally know people who have gone through it. They are the first ones to look elseware and do a proper geirus.
    Any one should realize this. There is no way that that many people had real kabbolas mitzvos. Yes, it is political. Druckman is doing this for political reasons.
    Rachmana litzlan.

  11. It cannot be emphasized enough how much havoc this man has caused for legitimate geirim. All geirus globally is now in question mostly due the actions of this one man. It is R. Druckman who is the cause of all the chumras in geirus because legitmate Batei Din feel they have to separate themselves from the actions of people like this.


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