Rav Dovid Soloveitchik: Case Of Starved Child Is A “Blood Libel”


rav-dovid-soloveitchikAs a follow-up to our previous report on the distorted coverage of the case involving the child at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, we share that Rav Dovid Soloveitchik, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Brisk in Yerushalayim and son of the Brisker Rov, recently spoke to his talmidim publicly about the case. Rav Soloveitchik stated that he has thoroughly investigated all details of this case and has concluded that the whole story is a “nidertrechtigeh alilas dam” (a despicable blood libel).

 {Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. As far as I am concerned this is the end of this story. When the Brisker Rav (any of them) speaks and says that he has “thoroughly investigated” then the story is over.

  2. Now i’m just waiting for all the sarcastic and chutzpadik remarks against this Gadol.
    PS As an aside R Dovid does happen to be a good friend of Toldos Ahron Rebbe the two attend each others events, and hold very highly of each other.

  3. “When the Brisker Rav (any of them) speaks”…

    The last Brisker Rov was reb Velvel, his father. Reb Dovid is a Rosh Yeshiva. Brisk is not a chassidus. Can you explain yourself? Is anyone with the last name Soloveitchik a “Brisker Rav”?

  4. I totally agree with elik in what he wrote.Great point on with that reb dovid is a friend of the toldas ahron rebba

  5. What is the source for this story? It is important that a Gadol be quoted accurately, and not by second- third- or fourth-hand, or by what is heard “on the street.”

    Was this released by the Rosh Yeshiva himself? Reported by someone who actually heard him?

  6. Not a Brisker, I think you should change your screen name to Adas Korach. People like you prolong this galus and there will always be these remnants like you in our society that will always question authentic daas Torah.Quite frankly in my opinion you are probably a gilgul from the days of Moshe Rabeinu and you were against him also back then. You are probably constantly being sent down to this earth to rectify this flaw of yours and you continue to doubt daas Torah.

  7. just because your not a brisker doesnt give you the right to doubt the rov. i bet your not half as choshuv as he is no matter what you are. watch out before you make and remarks against the rov

  8. Its so great to see a picture of Reb Dovid – I miss learning in his yeshiva every day. May we all be zoche that he should have arichas yomim.

  9. #9 and #13, why are you so sure that the mother pulling out the feeding tube is proof of abuse? Her claim is that she wanted to feed her child solids and it light of what has happened since, it sounds emminently logical and understandable. Did you read today’s English HaModia? Read the write-up! There is good reason to believe that this woman is being framed to cover up for malpractice. The hospital had given scrict orders that the mother may not give the child solids. Do you know that after she was arrested that is exactly what the hospital did to prove the mother’s guilt? They “pulled out the tube” without fear of reprisal, stuffing the child with solids to the point that his stomach was distended. When did the hospital start their surveillance of the mother? After the family started showing medical records to Meilech Firer and he suggested transfering the child elsewhere. What was the hospital afraid of, if they were so sure that the medical care given the child was “kosher veyosher” – wonder about that?! Just be careful how you respond to words of gedolei yisrael because you are playing with fire.

  10. reb david is one of the biggest gidolim today ,i am not mikona the gihenim of any one who starts up with him,im not saying he for shore said this but for the 10% chance i advise you to be very very careful!!!this goes to 2,9 and any one els who made such comments…………oy oy vay shame on you……!!!

  11. “As far as I understand, you do not need to take the tube out to feed solids. Any physician here?”

    Not a physician, but a RN who works pediatric rehab. You absolutely do not have to pull out a tube to feed solids. To say otherwise is narishkeit. If that’s what the mother is claiming – and she is well educated on the topic having spent every day with this child – it does not reflect well on her case.


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