Rav Chaim Brim Refers To His Blank Notes; His 10th Yahrtzeit, Today, 26 Adar


rav-chaim-brimWe share the following for the yahrtzeit today of Harav Chaim Brim z”tl, known gaon and tzaddik from Yerushalayim and rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Mishkan Yosef:

Harav Chaim Brim was once invited to speak at an event. The speaker who preceded Rav Chaim at the event used notes that he referred to as he spoke. Rav Chaim was then called up to speak, and he also referred to his notes as he spoke. When he finished speaking and left the podium, he forgot to take his notes with him.

When the event was over, someone straightened up the room and he found the notes which Rav Chaim Brim had left at the podium. To his puzzlement, he saw that the “notes” was a blank piece of paper. After a few minutes of thought, he realized what had occurred.

Rav Chaim was known for his exquisite sensitivity to the feelings of others. When he had observed that the first speaker had referred to notes as he spoke, he had feared that he would embarrass him if he then spoke without notes. Therefore, he decided to refer to his “notes” as he spoke as well.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. We used to hear chaburos from R’ Chaim a’h every week. He would usually start off by saying ‘I don’t know why you came to me, but, let’s durch reden di sugya’. He was a gaon in anivus and bein odom l’chaveiro.

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