Rav Berkowitz On Staying Up Shavuos Night



  1. What percentage of Yidden are actually in love with Hashem and what percentage acknowledge the loftiness of such state but need to act as if in love if they can’t get to the point of actually truly feeling in love with true real pure raw emotion?

  2. To Anonymous: According to you we should dance with the Torah every day too. And rid our homes of chometz every day . . . . We don’t because obviously there are certain dates on our calender set aside for certain things. We should feel those feelings all the time but are chachamim have set aside specific dates to show that. Don’t know about you but if we did it all the time, I would tire rather quickly……..

  3. As you may read in the Artscroll Shavuos Machzor, staying up all night is a fairly recent minig and not all segments of the community observe this minig. My family does not have this minig. My parents come from Mehalovic, Slovakia. My parents or any of the few remaining relatives that I’ve had didn’t remember staying up all night but we do say Tikkun Leil Shavuos.

  4. Rabbi berkowitz is one of the greatest Talmidai chochmim. And yes he stays up many nights learning and is in love with the torah

  5. I’m still learning how to love myself. I keep checking all the garbage bins hoping I’ll find my self-esteem somewhere.


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