Rav Baadani: “Fake Giyus Banos”


Rav Shimon Baadani, a member of the Moetzet Chachmei Hatorah of Shas, attacked those who claim that there is a serious concern of giyus banos, a decree of the enlistment of girls, in Israel.

Rav Baadani, who is also the rosh kollel of Kollel Torah V’Chaim in Bnei Brak, said that there is no decree of enlistment of religious girls in Israel and that every religious girl is exempted.

In a conversation with his talmidim about arguments being made about the recruitment of girls, Rav Baadani presented what he said are the full facts and the answers to many questions posed to him.

“We are concerned about the yeshiva students as to what the [draft law] will be,” said Rav Baadani, “but regarding the girls, the law is simple: In every Bais Yaakov, the principal takes the names of all the students and goes to the recruitment office, and all are exempted without exception.”

“There was a demonstration near a recruiting place. They said there was a girl there. It was a lie… One of them told me… I told him, ‘You want to say that the directors of the Bais Yaakovs are wicked and send me to the army?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ I told him, ‘Please leave.’”

Rav Baadani said, “Bring me examples of girls being drafted. There was a secular girl who enlisted and they tried to help her. Bring me real examples.”

Those who have signed kol korehs about giyus banos have “received false evidence,” he said. “…One of them signed – and then everyone signed.”

Rav Baadani explained that any girl who goes to the recruitment office and says she is religious gets off, so they wish to make sure that the girls being given a petur, or deferment, are indeed religious. The army thus wishes to check out and ensure that when a girl comes and claims she is religious that she is indeed religious.

Rav Baadani reiterated again and again, “Bring me the names of religious girls who have been drafted. No one has been able to bring me names.”

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  1. The issue might be fake, but it creates a need to protest, which allows otherwise bored individuals to gather and then let off some steam.

  2. Nobody is claiming that religious girls are being drafted now, so Rav Baadani’s denial is unwarranted. The facts are, that this past Tuesday the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense passed regulations that allows an old law from 2012 to go into effect.
    What us this law? Does it say religious girls need to be drafted? No.
    What it does do is, it gives the IDF a 2 year period from after the girl receives her exemption to evaluate her and make sure she keeps Shabbos and kashrus.
    So yes, every girl is still qualified for an exemption. Rav Baadani is correct in his statement. But until now, as soon as the girl received her exemption, it was almost impossible to take it back.
    This new law gives the IDF the power to take away an exemption from any girl if they determine her to not be frum enough, or if she messes up (posting on Facebook 5 minutes after candle lighting).
    So the truth is, it won’t affect the real frum beis yaakov girls, but mizrachi/dati leumi girls may find themselves in a serious problem.
    It should be noted that the Chazon Ish specified that even on a girl who is completely irreligious, if she doesn’t want to go to the army, one must fight for her just as much as you would a beis yaakov girl.

  3. The Rav is right. As we all too well know, most of these all important ” kol korei’s” turn out to be complete frauds. It’s usually some fake askanim, in the background, who’s main goal is to shake down gullible people for gelt. Whether it’s concerts, smartphones, eating sushi, shaving, chalav yisroel, boys dating at 18/age-gap crises, wearing a hat & jacket even in the pouring rain, looking out the window while driving, pictures on shidduch resume, talking in Shul after davening, Bein hazmanim vacations, mid winter Yeshiva breaks, drinking on Purim, fasting on erev Pesach, being in the same building/store when a woman is present, etc etc… Everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.

    • You’ve taken his words much further then his intent. Personally, if I see a kol korei I’d rather take the position to trust it if it has signatures of Gedolei-Yisroel – unless they come out with another kol korei denying it. Otherwise you may be dismissing their directives to Klal Yisroel and that would be a terrible negative consequence. So I’ll err on the side of trusting them, unless they come out with another Kol Korei that denies the first (a very unusual occurrence). Just my opinion…

  4. The brisker rosh yeshiva reb avrohom yehoshua said it best!
    There is no gzeira of giyus banim and no gzeira of giyus bonus. There IS a giyus of gzeiras.
    For those that don’t know the teitsh of the word “giyus” ask your friend . I have a hunch that you’ll be surprised how many people don’t know

    • He is in the minority. There are very prominent people in the sfardi world who beg to differ.
      Simple question: If there is not problem, then what is all the discussion in the knesset ???

  5. Why don’t you bring the letter that has 67 signatures from Sefardic rabbonim that say it is a problem. Why don’t you post the letter from the American Roshay Yeshivos that say it’s a problem. You are fake news with an agenda.


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