Rav Avigdor Miller on the Mitzvah Rabbah to Vote


What about this subject that’s brought up of mixing religion and politics? It’s an accusation lately brought up against Reagan that he’s mixing religion and politics.

And our answer is, we want mixing of religion and politics, because everybody is doing it. If Governor Cuomo went and attended a gay banquet to raise money for the Gays for Political Action, isn’t that mixing religion and politics?! Of course it is. That’s his religion. What else is it? Is it public welfare? Is it a benefit for the youth? Is it to make more money for the government? No, it’s religion.

So just as the liberals have their religion of atheism, a religion of hedonism, a religion of corruption, and pornography and breaking down all the values of civilization, so why shouldn’t the President also have religion?

On the contrary, if we see the President speaking about religion, so we might suspect him that he’s trying to get the votes of religious people. And if that’s the case, then he’s getting our votes. Everybody should vote for President Reagan, there’s no question about it. If you didn’t register yet, then this coming Tuesday, the ninth of October is registration day. So go and register, from nine in the morning to nine at night. Find out where in your neighborhood. In this neighborhood it’s on East 8th Street, the public school. Go register and make it your business to vote.

We need your vote; it’s a mitzvah rabba to vote. That’s also one of the things I say that will rise up against a man on the day of judgment. You mean to say you’re going to be lax in this great battle against the forces of evil that are trying to overthrow our civilization? Everybody should vote. I registered already. Everybody should register. It’s your business to register.

We want religion in politics. We want Presidents who believe in a Creator. We want Presidents who believe in values of morality and decency. That’s the only foundation of our society. And therefore, our answer is, if a President speaks religion and makes public pronouncements about it, then he is the man that we’re going to vote for.
TAPE # 524 (October 1984)



  1. Thank for citing my Rebbe and madrich
    .However your title leaves out a great ” eekar”: ONLY Vote MORALITY I em like ReaganNOT Cuomo etc. If noone is good write in ; Mr morality and fill in the circle as well so tour vite should be tallied. Perhaps u would consider running my oped in the current Jewish press online whichdeals with Rav Moshe ZT”l’ view on voting for immorality. Thank for your consideration. Your readers don’t know Naomi Levin conservative( !!??) Congressional opponent of tery Nadler posts her gay endirsments on her website(!!) What azus !! RAV Moshe and Rav Miller would say Chas vshalon to vote for nadler or her. But our Charedi media and Askonim / mosdos don’t give us the same info that evangelicals get from thier media: i.e. question Aires to all candidates( de riguer) pinning them down on the gamut of family values issues followed by a massive distribution of ” Biblical Family Values ” scorecards so the voting public can make an educated vote or white in
    Methinks we are kept in the dark , for 4 decades by de$$ign!!??

    • I hear you. But isn’t a write-in, in essence, a wasted vote? Even if Naomi Levin supports mishgav zachars, just like Nadler, she, being a Republican, will at least support President Trump in Congress. Nadler never will. Levin will definitely support President Trump in his Supreme court nominee if Ruth Ginsburg kicks the bucket during the next 6 years.
      I also bucked the command of the askanim of the FJCC and voted YES on proposal 3. We MUST have term limits on EVERY level.

  2. That’s because you listen/read fake news and if you know anything positive about Trump, it’s a miracle. Reagan is 100x better than the ones before and after, but Trump is 100x better than him. If mainstream media reported honestly, you’d see it without a doubt.

  3. Please have someone check your spelling and grammar.

    Please provide a link to the website where Ms. Levin is pro Toeva.

    Writing in a candidate is wasting your vote.
    You have to vote for the lesser of two evils. In this case it is Naomi Levin. Nadler is a progressive leftist Democrat. If they H”S regain power this country will really go to the dogs.

  4. Vote for winnable candidates that best serve the interests of our community. It’s not like you totally agree with the Hashkafa or outlook of either side. Do NOT waste votes to prove a point. It does not help in the long or short term.


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